Black People : So What That You Do Not Believe, Belief Is Your Demon Remember?

Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba

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Oct 4, 2019
So What That You Do Not Believe It, Belief Is Your Demon Remember!!!

Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala

Run, Run Negro To The Hiding Place Lucifer Religion, But Remember There Is No Place To Hide That Will Keep You Safe From The Divine Truth and Reality, Belief Is No Match To Knowing, And To Know Is To Live Knowing What Constitute The Greater Good-God, In Such Divine Knowledge Will You Find Peace, Freedom, Justice, and Independence, beloved.

It is to our Cosmic Divine Black Ancient Universal Ancestors that I bow to totally submit too, for I know they are they who serve to be the mediators for their children to the One and only Greater Good- God the Divine Essence of us all, they know that which is the Divine Essence of all things living and appear not to be living but is with life which appears not to be in the physical, they are they who Know What The Greater Good-God Is and has, because of my humble desire not to be in total submission to the ways and lies of that Luciferian Human Being which is against the Nature of Infinite Existence, given to me the mental ability to Know What The Greater Good-God Is, and because of such Divine Knowledge in my mental possession, am I qualified to not Tell you anything that you do not know, but to remind you everything you have forgotten, because of the allowed interference of that racist Luciferian Prejudice Human Being to whom the Black Afrikan Race nor Bow and do totally submit to today.

Listen Up!

I write to you with a Life Time Vision but knowing my Living has an end, so I take no consideration to my Living Time, I write to you like I have a Life Time for you to get to know this I write to share with you is Divinely True and that an impatience Afrikan who has not the patience to Read to get to understand this I share what you have forgotten, then beware of that Afrikan claiming to be a part of the Black Afrikan family, they are not in favor of becoming Free again beloved, in Afrika.

So, I write to you who read steadily with comprehension having no time restraints, for Time is not an enemy to patience, beloved!!!

I do without hesitation submit to you that I do know what it is we Black Afrikans must do to return to the glory of our Divine Mind which produce within you a Divine Spirit that has your Spirituality to be in no way of the religious belief that abide in the mind of Lucifer which he has implanted in the Black Body serving to be your Mind but I am here to let Black Afrikans know that there is only One Mind calibrated for that Black Body and that Mind is the mind Nature designed you with to guide you and keep you in the know of What constitutes the Greater Good-God the Divine Essence of us all, beloved.

Am I boasting selfishly when I inform you that I know what the Greater Good-God Is and what it is that the Black Afrikan Race must do to return to the Glorification of our Divine Mind Blackness, you **** Right I am, because, if I am not that confident in what I share with you that is different from what Lucifer has you believing today about his God, then what different am I from that lying deceitful Human Being to you and from those phony Black Leaders who do not Think for themselves and has chose to be in total submission bowing to that criminal Lucifer The Human Being, he who constructed the institution of Chattel Slavery and now is refusing to admit to the Crime that come from that barbarious institution Chattel Slaver of which our Afrikan Ancestors were a Victim of such evil crimes committed against them and I am one that informs Black Afrikans that the Crime of Chattel Slavery has no expiration date and must not go unpunished, which that racist unjust prejudice Luciferian Human Being wants to be the end result for the Crime of Chattel Slavery committed against our Enslaved Ancestors, Not So Beloved, the Criminals commited Chattel Slavery Treatment against our Enslaved Ancestors Divinely deserve to be punished and that punishment is the payment of Reparatin/Repatriation to our Enslaved Ancestors with their Children serving as their Proxy in leu of their physical absence but is spiritually presence in the body and form of their children, beloved!!!

Pay no attention to the point of believing whatever that racist Luciferian Being has to say negatively about Reparation/Repatriation because every negative utterance against paying to our Enslaved Ancestors their Reparation, is an act of disrespect against the Black Afrikan Racial Family, beloved!!!

Is it that I inform Black Afrikans that I know what we must do to be able to return back to our Divine Mind and in such a quality of mind therein lies no defeat, only Freedom, Justice, and Independence for Afrika and a Unified Black Afrikan Nation and because I inform Black Afrikans that the way to our Freedom is not for every Tom, Dick, and Harry to hear and know what Black Afrikans must do to rise again in the Divinity of the Black Afrikan Mind, carry no motivation coming from you to come and congregate with me, beloved??

So, allow me to alert you my beloved Black Afrikan Family you who because of your Organic Mind has been taken advantage of to the point you end up losing your Divine Mind to the Mind of Lucifer, your today is my tomorrow today beloved, every day verifies to me that there will be not another today, my Time I know its not the time of my birth but the Time drawing me to the end of my birth, so I am working and fighting for our Freedom, Justice, Independence to be in Afrika with my Divine Mind well aware of the motion of Divine Time relationship is to Life and Living is just a temporary presence to everlasting of Life, beloved.

So Consider This:

So What That You Do Not Believe It Can Be, It Remains What You Need To Do Anyhow, To Become Free And Respected Black Afrikan Peoples!!!

If Black Afrikan people are to become respected again and Live a Life of Freedom with Justice and Independence and your Black life living is now under the edits of Lucifer Social moral standard.

Then what needs to happen to Black Afrikan people who are serious about saving mother Afrika and rising to become a unified Black Divine Nation again, some serious action has to take place by an organized Revolutionary Afrika Continental Black people who will be willing to do what is required to do to invite Freedom, Justice back into your way of living and have an independent Afrika again!!!

There can be no Lucifer created social engineering of Tribal separate identity going on among one Black Race of people living in Afrika, such is a major reason why Lucifer is able to manipulate the Natural Born Black Race living in Afrika divided among each other, a division that causes Black Afrikans weakness.

So you see Black Afrikans, if you really and Truly with Divine attached to it, you must desire to live life having Freedom and Justice as your companion, then will you have no mental room to compromise your Freedom and Justice with independent living in Afrika freely and without the restriction of movement within the Afrika Continental borders.

Therefore, the division Tribalism causes must cease to be, there is only One Race Of Black Afrikans carrying the same Genetic composition just as Nature Designed it to be and to contradict Nature is to disrespect the Greater Good-God the Divine Essence of us all that live in the physical and appear not to be physical, beloved.

There is no magic wand to be waved and all evil stops, You as a Physical Cosmic Divine Universal Being come with the natural badge of having the freedom to choose the choice you have the right to freedom to make about your self, you are the high supreme over your living ways choices that you make while living to determine your living condition, based on the choices you make, beloved.

Your Black behind will rise wrapped in Freedom, Justice, and Independence only when you are able to see your way to becoming free, such a clear and precise vision will let you know that there has to be an Afrika cleansing to take place, separating the evil and deceitful from the Righteous and Divine thoughtful Black Afrikans living in Afrika.

Because you see, all who look like being Black and Afrikan is not, and the wisdom you must have and the spirit of others in Afrika you must be able to see beyond looking, is necessary for you to have in order to have Black Afrikan people to be able to rise unified again in Afrika and it is that Unity that will give you strength to do what is required for you to do to have Afrika to become the Black Africans Kingdom again and you Black Afrikan to be living a Divine way of living again meaning that the mind you have is a functional thinking, Reasonable, Logical Innerstanding Mind.

Such a Divine Mind will have you to know why it is that you must clear Afrika of the faithful to have a Black Afrikan Nation of the Knowing and to know is Godly, but the faithful are full of believing doubt and is not to be trusted and all who is to live in the kingdom of Afrika must be qualified to be trusted, beloved.

Freedom Is The Foundation Of Trust, Today There Is No Trust Among The Black Afrikan people!!!

Divine Respect


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