Chief Elder Osiris : So Tell Me Why Black People are allowing White People Determine What Is Offensive To

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    So Tell Me Why Black People are allowing White People Determine What Is Offensive To Us

    By Chief Elder Osiris:

    Tell me Beloved, how much more good for nothing we can be to ourselves, here we are over Thirty Million Black People in America and we have not the desire to tell white people to shut up and stop pretending to care so much about our sensitivity when it come to who we are, as if we are not to be proud of being Black and not to acknowledge the evil tricks that are played against Black People, and white people condemning other white people for revealing their True thoughts about Black people, something that need to be heard and known by the world, not the Black World, because if there is a people who know the True Mind of White people concerning Black People, it is Black Divine Thinking People.

    So my point is this beloved, we Black people should get Harry Reid address and over flow his mail box with letters of approval about what he has said about Obama and his Blackness or the lack thereof.

    When will we begin to stop being treated as if we are ignorant invisible Black people who must conform to the ways and life style of the people with a history of oppressing us, and that we have no self respect concerning our Black selves.

    I can care less what Obama, Harry Reid, Bill Clinton, or all others who are in such a racial prejudice without justification cesspool,.

    Harry Reid statement is more than about Race it is more particularly about our Blackness, what these white folks are saying about Obama be it from a political perspective or a Racial perspective, they are revealing their True Nature, not concerning Obama per Se, but about our Blackness and how it has been placed in a stereotypical Caste in White Folks Society, in Arabs Society, in Jewish society, and in any other society that do not carry a Natural Blackness about the Black self.

    Beloved, the World Of power has a problem with Black Folks and you can fake it if you want to, and because you do not want to accept that fact, you sit on your docile Black Behind allowing those who do not mean Black Folks a Greater Good and you do not want to react to Harry Reid comments, as if we are to automatically be in opposition to what Harry Reid has said about the personality and character of President Obama, and the reason why he was elected is because White people do not see Obama as being a Black Afrikan Man.

    So you must come to see, America does not have a Black president, what America has elected as president is a cross between Black and White and the Man has chose to lean toward his Whiteness more so that toward his Blackness and the evidence being that Obama lie when he says Race did not matter with him being elected, it did, and it was not about his Blackness, but was about the Mental quality of his whiteness that got him elected.

    So yes, this is a very good Time for the True black Nationalist mind to let the likes of white Folk Liberals and the Negroes of the likeness of a Al Sharpton know that we have a Mind of our own and it is our Divine mind that have us to be able to see around the Racist Prejudice tricks that the phony deceiving so call Liberals play on Black People, attempting all of the Time, to dictate to our mind what our spirit should be toward Race, and the Freedom of expression concerning Race, which should apply to everybody, be it open expression or in private expression.

    Beloved, should we choose to remain silent on this matter of Harry Reid, we Black Nationalist of a Garvey Quality, our silence would be liken to us telling Garvey to go to Hell.

    So will somebody post Harry Reid Email Address and his phone Number, and are you Black people willing to use it, so we can inform him that there are some Free Thinking Black Folks in America that is proud of our Blackness and do Think for ourselves, and that we do not give one **** about what White Folks and all other folks have to say in a ptrjudice way about our Blackness, but we do give a **** about what white folks do to our Blackness.

    By the way, should you choose to ignore this Missive, you will not be ignoring me beloved, you will be demonstrating how complacent we have been made to be in our conforming America lives.

    Be Kind to Your Self, Beloved


    Chief Elder
    [email protected]