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Apr 7, 2013
Okay, I admit it. I was watching Dancing With the Stars last night. Music, great costumes, tricky dance steps and me wondering if I could do that. But, the evening was different. Everyone in tears. There were two different men telling their stories before their moment to compete with their partners to win in the finales. Who knew there would be life lessons?!

The first man dancing with his celebrity partner was expected to score high as usual was making all kinds of mistakes and was asked by the panel of judges why that was. He said he was not expecting to dance that night because he had a tragedy the night before, he and his wife had lost their baby. He said, "Our baby took a shortcut to go directly to God."His wife told him to go and dance for her. He took that moment to tell her how much she meant to him, how much he loved her. Very honest and overwhelmingly real.

But the next dance candidate, a Black man with a warm and pleasant personality dedicated his dance to a best friend he lost when they were sixteen by being shot. He gave a message to those younger, "If ever you think you want to pick up a gun, don't do it! Choose love. Please choose love."

That set with me, "Choose love." I began to think about that. It got around to me remembering the verse, "God is love." Then I peeled back a layer, God IS love. If God IS love, how can we hope to please him if we we are a little short of it? Then I began to think of Jesus being the light and life of the world. One thought leads to another, Jesus is depicted by artists as holding a candle or lantern.

In reality Jesus doesn't need a lantern. He is the light. Truly since his resurrection what we call Glory can shine forth from him in person. But further, light is the understanding he gives us. The fullness of that light is love. Choose love.

RuKiya FAizah

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Feb 18, 2003
I think one of the issues is that there are many who don't truly believe what they claim. They were born into a belief system and they claim it because it's what is familiar. Or, they chose that system (maybe, it chooses them) but they do not practice or go deeply into it. Perhaps it's just a matter of in they claim it but it takes a back seat to the ego. Also, whatever journey someone is on may be in its' infancy so they still have more growth to come. Just brainstorming... But unless that religion teaches hate, I'd put the responsibility on the person and not the religion.

I agree with Fireman. That personal God connection is key. That connection is what brought me clarity. Then, my true spiritual journey began.


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Aug 3, 2014

Food for thought. Why does hate get the special exception?
Hate is a part of most religion I know of...those who practice religion will deny or excuse it.
Please tell me of that special exception?

What about hate makes it different than anything else a religion could advocate?

Hate is the first born of Fear and sibling of Guilt and is a powerful force in getting people to ACT
You tell me? as on that we do differ, for I believe religions advocate for hate.


Jul 2, 2003

Minimal Civilized Behavior is Always Good
  1. Don't do, say, just to be temporarily Admired
  2. Don't do wrong repeating things that never give rest, or peace of any kind
  3. Do pray and use words ( pray or pause before speaking ) using GOD given ability to forgive and understand with an open heart and mind.
  4. Stop doing the same thing expecting new outcomes, frustrating oneself then blaming others. No one can stop you better than yourself from self sabotage ( fear of failure or success ) excusing that thought with a phrase like.. " why try "
  5. Don't go along just to be accepted
  6. Don't lose faith ( in yourself and your ability ) because someone says you can't succeed _ change and renew your mind don't allow that negative garbage in ) because others have, and are doing that ( it looks exciting and is but not what should be always or done at all
  7. Pray for understanding and strive to do good, to stop doing bad ( hurting) or hating and hurting knowing right from wrong
  8. Pray for guidance in uncertain times, they come often
  9. Free will ( given to us all ) we choose to cooperate and allow the Lord to guide us ( you will face ( difficult people, times and circumstances ) trials and tribulations
“These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.” John 16:33
We are fortunate to have this saying of Jesus because it reminds us that, in the midst of our greatest difficulties, He is with us to overcome them. He is able to do so because He overcame them in His own experiences as He lived here, facing lies, persecutions, and abandonment in the end by his own 'friends. ' There is no tribulation that I can face that will, in the end, be any worse than His therefore, I can have peace, knowing that in Him I can overcome any adversity.

A made up Mind when focused on GOD will make the right and best decision
There are so many other reasons to Pray and Trust The Lord .. Amen
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