Black Spirituality Religion : So many lies, but this one is true! - Jesus Never Existed


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Apr 7, 2013
Review on the white man "LOGIC" youtube video who claims there is no proof that Jesus existed. Actually there is proof, but he and people like him are not going to accept it because their purpose is to throw down Christ i.e. christianity. I did find him entertaining in his antics, but willfully more than ignorant, totaley obsessed in destroying God. It takes a little more than just having a certified legal paper that says somebody existed when Jasher as a roman historian wrote about the armies, the emperor, the condition of Jews vs. Romans, and then talks about a man of renown Jesus Christ who is seen with a crowd of people around him doing miracles, and describes his appearance. There is no literate person, no educated expert person of historical artifacts that have come forward to say that Jasher is a fake. Or have come forward to declare that the biblical regions are a fake, or the Jews and the Romans are a fake, that the events as described by Jasher are a fake. No instead the world flood has been verified, the walls of Jericho have been verified even by a coin with a date at the fallen walls. The Dead Sea is still dead with salt water. That the medium for execution was a cross. Pilot was a governor under Caesor. There were Sanhedrin Priests who would teach against Christ. Historically the scriptures are correct according to the time. Not only that dear brothers and sisters, right here in the United States they are digging up artifacts of Hebrew archeology in mounds that indicate the God of the Old Testament, dating back way before America was discovered by Columbus. The question now becomes, What were the Hebrews doing over here?
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Apr 7, 2013
Regarding the author Timothy Aldred, and his talk on bamboozled: His purpose is also to destroy Christ and the Bible. I found his logic to also be flawed. He says that the word Atheist is not a real thing. Really? It is a perfect description of him. He said prove there is an Atheist. ATHEIST: "The one who denies or disbelieves there is an existence of God," -- him. Let us look at his other research: he refers to Rome as white men. No, they are Latin, a darker hew than the white man. He has accusations against God as creating Good and Evil. Good and Evil are not created, they are the principles of existence. HE does not force anyone to be evil. To know Good and Evil is to live in the co-existence between these to. Your free agency allows you to pick the one or the other to follow. How can you know the sweet without tasting the bitter. It is part of obtaining KNOWLEDGE. That is why we are sent to this university of mortal life before we are resurrected to the rest of our lives in the length of eternity. Heaven is not a class of uneducated mindless people. We are sent to school amongst good and evil. There is grading: reward or consequence. Why does God destroy a people who turn from him and become ripe in corruption against God? Because, HE is our Father always in the Eternities. He does not want absolute evil to overtake his babies sent here who are innocent from birth, until we can begin to understand we are responsible for our choices. Jesus said we are gods. Well, what kind of gods are we? The kind like those who follow Satan, or those who can be trusted and follow our Lord, and His and our Father who is in Heaven? So, we are proven through what we choose, good or evil, and we are then given a place; but certainly not as examples and leaders in the greater Heaven if with our free agency we chose evil. God does not want failure and he will not give any authority to the evil doer. Our lives have purpose sharing a throne with Christ who shares a throne with His Father. We will preside over those who threw their Crown and Robes down to walk all over them and our Father. The scriptures are full and expandable according to the respect you give to do the will of Christ which is the will of our God and His God, our Father and His Father. Most people cannot even begin to perceive the information that is available in the scriptures, because it is God that opens our understanding of them when we show a serious interest for them and to do what they say.

Regarding those people who come in the name of God and Christ and commit atrocities. That is the part of the scriptures that show the lies, deceit, and horror that evil does to destroy the innocent, the faithful, and the Lords people to control them in horror. "When the wicked rule the righteous mourn." This mortal life is is meant to end and take on a life that is forever in a perfect body. Even the wicked are resurrected from the mortal, but receive less as their reward. So Aldred thinks his mind is powerful...? :lol:

Josh X Brown

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Dec 6, 2013
As Salaam Alaikum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We could look at this a few ways.

The Name Jesus was never Used in those times so if you were to call him by that name he wouldn't recognize it.

We Associate the name Jesus with the man in the Bible, dealing with Truth there was no man then by that name.

With the logic that most make we could say that there is no proof of much just stories.

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