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Discussion in 'Black Poetry - Get Your Flow On!' started by thespokesman, Jan 2, 2004.

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    U can take this
    I retire

    This is the end
    The beginning was sweet

    I leave cuz I can no longer trust a so- called fam
    How u did me man
    All I had was tainted images
    Maybe hallucinations
    Of us as one nation
    We all slaves to a subconscious mind
    All this time, we satisfied with a few man’s grind
    Everything I said, was ran over
    Like paper in streets

    So I retire
    This defines my reason for rhyme
    Not to touch the fame that shines
    But this is yours, this is mine
    I speak to you from a broken chair
    As it write this here

    With a headphone on

    I leave cuz I’m in pain
    Im trapped in a world that was whipped with a cain
    Where society places Asians
    Higher than African abrasions
    When the Middle East is full of hate
    Passed on from generations that procreates
    More hate
    Will exist
    This is no theory
    The conspiracy to defeat man, not only man
    But those who contradict religious sects
    This is the set, python set me str8, now I’m set

    So I retire

    I leave cuz, the misery of soilders with pregnant lives
    Snatched away, brainwashed and forced to see friends die
    This is where my victory lie
    While bush is a hundred miles from in a ranch tainted with lies
    Victims, young people who had little guidance
    Flagrant parenting is the reason, bin laden hiding
    If I speak lies, then let me go in peace
    I only spoke for black power cuz we ain’t peace
    I wonder would we still march
    Cuz we fat and lazy, and how we gon have power if we can’t pay me

    So I retire

    Cuz we turn backs on our own
    Business is closed
    Ten years deep, just now wearing our own clothes
    When we grow our feed, instead of feeding like sheep
    Theres gotta be more, we like stranded sheep
    In a valley of death, it wasn’t written for nothing
    People dies for a vote, the polls show nothing
    No response for lives taken over
    I’m not a poet, I just write the feelings of soldiers
    Who fight to survive
    How we survive when cages eat our men alive
    If women outnumber men
    How can we still stand

    So I retire

    Life is platinum
    It’s tainted
    Slaves to a mind

    That’s it
    The poet known as thespokesman is done
    I spoke it?
    Or did I fail

    since my signature is disabled
    tainted platinum
    from bummin 2 a buspass

    a dream a generation can attend to is the fire i spit

    to all poets here, i enjoyed but i retire from this life of write
    am i right
    will i ever post my work
    don't know
    its time to enter the draft cuz the league is waiting
    i promise when i make it d will drop the words most men don't want to read
    god bless

    daniel davis
    copyright 2k4
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    no need to retire da pen forth all will be handled
    ya scribe lay in the safety zone flow on poet
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    an offer that can't be refused

    The call to write/scribe/create/allow-the-Creator-to-speak-thru-us/pass-on-the-Knowlege-Wisdom-Mysteries-of-the-Ancestors/express-the-hopes-dreams-of-Our-People/track-document-the-struggles-of-Our-Courageous is a Blessing.
    How can you retire from Blessing us?