Chief Elder Osiris : So Far Away From your Original Mind

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    So Far Away From Your Original Mind Until You Are Unable To Recognize Divine Information.

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There Is Much More where this come from.
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    Keep Sharing The Divine Truth And Maybe, Just Maybe somebody Black Might Hear You.

    Divine, Divinity, denote, indicate, imply all that is active, is of a discipline that keep that action to be in Harmony, Order, And Balance in reaching a just conclusion from such action, having such action not to be prone to error, deception, mistakes, lying to achieve the action purpose and goal from its activity.

    So, Divine Information is not just some common experience from events described by an act to that which has happened, which give you the ability to be aware about and of that which has happened.

    Such action becoming the detail which comprise to become what is accepted to be information, using no discretion about how such information will affect you, when making decision that will have an impact upon the way your life is to live.

    So, Divine information does not consist of and is not a formulation of haphazard interpretation of events, having the evidence of such events to be questionable in relation to what is claimed to be the fact surrounding the action taken, or has took place, which give cause for such action to be complied to, and to be considered information referencing the action of the event without the use of mental Divine discipline.

    We Black people are so far away from our original mind until we can not be serious in our time of abuse and oppression.

    Black people, we have morph to become a happy go lucky people, depending upon Luck to protect our lives, we not knowing that there is no such of a phenomenon as Luck, which explain why Afrika is as it is and Black people operate out from our Divine Mind, it being the mind of our Ancient Cosmic Divine First Way Ancestors, a Quality of mind that we have been made to function mentally so far away from the use of such method of Thought.

    We are so far away from the use of our Divine mind, until the only thing we depend upon for our lives well being, is an effort to receive information that tell us to believe that it shall be luck that involve the Black life dependence, and not the fact of life that cause Black people to act in our behalf to secure our lives independence..

    Time is being the hand writing on the wall of today Black life, and if that Black life is operating out from its Divine Mind, then there is not the ability of Black people to read correctly the Hand writing on the wall of this Time.

    So, what do we do, we look at what is happening in the world today, we being without a vision to see accurately the hand writing of Time on the wall of experience, which is required of us, if we are going to be able to interpret without error, the hand writing of Time today, which mean it must be a Divine knowledge and understanding you must have, in order to recognize this Time information that is coming from the world activity at this Time.

    But not the Black world activity, because we Black people have not the Divine mind in our possession, so we remain far away from seeing and knowing what all this mean, that is happening in the world today and we have no desire to become active in behalf of our lives today.

    Afrika Egypt has fallen into the hand of Arab Islam,without pretense, all of Northern Afrika is now considered to be Arab Middle East.

    Afrika Libya under the leadership of Qaddafi, a despot who have not shied away from acknowledging to be a leader of a people who are in the Land of Afrika, yet you cheer for the down fall of a leader of a state in Afrika that had no reservation to call for a United state Of Afrika, and you wonder why the turmoil is of great intensity to topple Qaddafi.

    Tell me, what other Afro-Arab is calling for a United state Of Afrka and has no problem in declaring that the Diaspora Afrikan has the right to Reparation.

    Therefore, I alert you Black people, do not allow your irrational emotion to continue to defeat you from returning back to your Divine Mind, that is the only way that will qualify you to be able to read Divinely the hand writing upon the wall of this time, a Time that require for the reawakening of the Black so call Afrikan world, you being the descendants of Divine Beings.

    When Black Folks operate so far away from our Divine Mind, we can not see that there is nothing more important than Afrika as a Continent belonging to the Black Afrikan, a land that must be returned back to the Black Afrikan, and the first step of that journey, is for Black people not to allow the oppressors to determine the cause for your emotion and decision making about Qaddafi.

    You see, we not being in control of our Divine Mind, which can inform us in term of what we need to become rationally emotional about, concerning what is happening in Afrika, Beloved, requires for you to be functioning up close in your Divine Mind

    Libya is not about Qaddafi, Egypt is not about Mubarak, Northern Afrika is not about Arab quality of leadership, Sub-Sahara Afrika is not about Black despot or hard hand unjust rule.

    Afrika must be about Black Afrikan people being in control of the continent of Afrika and its people of Afrika Black originality, we have the Universal, not Human Right, but Divine right to be civilly govern under a united State of a centralize continent Afrika form of government.

    Afrika people is not with an original Mind that is qualified to give to us an experience with being exposed to Divine leadership.

    It is the quality of Afrika Afrikan people leadership, having a Divine Mind, that is important to Afrika and Black People, because a Divine Black Afrika Afrikan leadership, will be of that which require Black people to be just and honest in the midst of a United Black Afrika Afrikan people, we being always poised to defend and protect the honor of the Mother Land and the Divine Black Being, they who brought Civilization to this Planet Earth world.

    Such an assurance that Afrika Afrikans, will rise in possession of our Divine mind, is based upon the quality of information to be exposed to the Black Afrikan people, such a quality of information must tell of the Divine experience of those Black people, you who have been made to follow and not lead in determining the life path the lives of Black people must travel.

    Afrika must be reunited with the Black Afrikan people, and the Black Afrikan people, North, South, East, and West, in Afrika, you must be reunited again, if the world is to survive This time, as we are being exposed today, to the experience taking place at this Time, experience being our master teacher.

    You Black people are Universal Divine Beings with a Universal Divine Right to be free, independent, and to experience justice in this world, all will not be, without the acknowledgment of our Enslaved Ancestors having a Universal Right to their Reparation and we fighting to make it so.

    So, as long as we remain far away from the use of our Divine Mind, we will remain as Lucifer has made us to be today, a people without knowledge of ourselves, and is without the ability to read accurately the unfolding of events that are happening in the world today, and that is why we remain inactive in a Time that demand action by those who are not free.

    Black people act as if we do not know of our true status in the world, so we assume to be free, false freedom is the greatest danger to a people who are not free, such an assumption fit the mind of Black people today.

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.

    Chief Elder
    [email protected]