Black People : So Elijah Mohammed and George Clinton

Who do you believe?

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  • Don't mock the Islam Enterprise. You mad rude son. You mad rude.

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I always KNEW about Elijah Muhammad and the Mothership, it's no big secret there.

Most that practice and exersice the faith do as well.

I can admit, That I didn't know until a very, very intelligent wise REAL brother lovingly explained it to me, Using the book.

And that was my very point.

Nobody has to know the agenda and motive of another but We need to seize every opportunuty to put the knowledge down !!

Some are so busy patting themselves on the back. They forgot about the masses that stay in the dark. And nobody is EVEN TRYING to share the light. :10500:

Hmmmmmm, We don't have the time anymore for pretty words , I'm looking for those that back it up with their actions.

Thanks for representing a REAL brother, showing the love !! :em2300:




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