Black Poetry : So, boo you a BROWN SOUL SISTA alert. A queen that flirt And it seems to work. Give him some cream it won’t hurt. He dreams wanna jerk up her skirt. H


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May 11, 2006
So, boo you a BROWN SOUL SISTA alert.
A queen that flirt
And it seems to work.
Give him some cream it won’t hurt.
He dreams wanna jerk up her skirt.
He plans on staying.
He hears the band playing.
sweet like a store-bought dessert.
So galore she’s taught to twerk.
Have to do the math.
To find a true path
To the bedroom
Keep his head tuned.
And girl your lips red like rose blooms.
his flows may be doomed.
So, boo you been around.
And your skin is brown.
Let's begin with your pound.
Cake, “NAW PLAYER her gown
Will be open and boys never frown.
About that, oh her panties are hot.
Want her candies in the parking lot.
No not going out there.
No doubt he wanna tear
it up, be pure and witty.
Wanna take a tour of the city.
Have a cure like P DIDDY
Make a band and wear a fitty
Cap, really bold with slang.
And he speaks the whole shebang.
Cool with wisdom and swell
Guide the school system well.
Wear a mini skirt and strut butt.
And boys be ready set hut.
Like football score a touchdown
And then search around.
For a chick quick
Historic part of town
Her heart start to pound.
Didn’t pull her panties down.
But a boy begged for some.
She said nope.
But her lips red and dope
True and brave
And go through caves.
Like boy scouts
Don’t toy with this clout.
You can get left out.
Somehow, he’s blessed.
She allows him access.
To her breasts but best
She keeps her dress down.
Panties in the air she’s convinced.
That it’s rare in this sense
Just one kiss against
A wall and set it off.
Her coochee wet and soft
They renovated the club.
And now penetrated by love
And it’s demonstrated by a hug.
Covered with plenty dirt.
And discovered a mini skirt.
A girl at WENDY started to flirt.
“So, boo want a sandwich and chips.
He’s ready to do damage to her lips.
Wow in an eerie way.
This is a dreary day.
He begins to write.
But at the end of the night
He’ll need a chick quick.
Wet and her breasts bloom
He wanna set up a guest room.
Bless her with slow tune
Then slow dance
To romance
Sand no chance of escape.
Oh yes boys want cake.
He’s lifting the dress of females.
Like shifting gales
On a ship
She has strong lips.
Butter and toast from the heart
From the furthermost part
She proceeds with luck true.
But this could lead up to
To sex quick
By a complex chick
become bigger on VIRGINIA BEACH
With his figure of speech
Preserve words and come with verbs.
She never heard before
Outside birds galore
With that tweet tweet.
Speech and on the street
Like legal eagles on crack
So, boo let me git wit you.
Then suck a tit or two.
In the backseat
What do you say to that?
Your words maybe phat
But the answer is no.
His rhymes bold
And design to hold.
Chumps in place
And he will jump on lace.
Get with a group in the community.
Shoop hoop when there’s opportunity.
Some girls come puny.
With a bunch of fake teasing
Too late when he’s squeezing.
Their waist in the bed
Especially if her lips are red.
In the park with buttered capes
And like dark colored grapes
This can make red wine.
But right now, his head in a bind
So, who do he love?
Have to be true in the club.
So, boo let him rub.
The phat lips on your thing
Let his stats grip the bling.
Drink snapples it’s boss.
Like that applesauce
He speaks slang just a little
But want her to hang up the fiddle.
And give him some she said nope.
Even though her lips red and dope
Drink from fountains as a rhymer
And like a mountain climber
He’s on the edge of a cliff.
And now beg to lift.
Up her skirt
And do some work.
Believe in a circus.
But must achieve a purpose.
He has a plan of wisdom.
Unlike vandalism
This stuff has knowledge.
After enough college
In the park she flirts
And that’s artwork.
Oh, her coochee.
is juicy like sushi.

Oh, her thighs open.
And pies smoking
He wants access to her breasts.
Oh, you sweet boo.
Would like to speak to you.
Oh, he put his hand under her dress.
It’s thunder how he kissed her breasts.
Oh, she didn’t plan this.
Now he demands a kiss.
Her blue panties reminisce.
Aw girl you got some KENTUCKY FRIES
Thighs guess he has lucky eyes.
Thighs guess he has lucky eyes.
Even CHUCKY will be surprised.
At this baby doll rap that arise
Girl your hair and butt sweet
But need repair and upkeep.
Saw missiles ready to faint yall.
Then read the epistles of ST PAUL
And he was all right after that.
This could be a disaster stat.
Come with a gift that’s sick.
Let's do some arithmetic.
If the numbers in this hummer


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