Black Poetry : So Black, So Beautiful (another poem off the top of my head)


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Aug 24, 2013
(whatever I post here is off the top of my head, so don't expect a masterpiece). :lol:

So Black, So Beautiful

When we spoke the other day, I couldn't help but notice your lovliness.

Your eyes, your smile, your brown skin, and black hair.

When you suggested that we do lunch and said that you loved me,

I knew that your love was sincere and rare.

Perhaps I should call you and set a date to have lunch together,

It would be nice to hold you close again.

I long for your embrace, but it's hard to resist your beauty.

Perhaps I should control myself and just remain friends.

(I better not post the rest of my thoughts, so I will just keep them to myself). :wink:
Slim (this poem is about a different blackwoman)

You're a tall, slim cutie...wearing those tights that accent your body.

Little by little, you're beginning to warm up to me.

On the elevator, the other day, I watched you happily interacting with your brother,

And that was the first time you actually smiled at me.

I'm gonna ask for your name the next time I see you.

It's very likely that I will see you again.

I really like your style...wearing those tights that accent your body.

I don't know your real name, but l call you "Slim".

My ex-girlfriend was THICK;

Brothers used to always compliment me on her beauty.

They would say, "That's a good looking woman you got there!"

I would then tell them, "Yeah, and i'm gonna KEEP her",

But that was neither here nor there.

She was my favorite woman, for reasons which I will not post here,

And she is still a special lady to me.

"Coffee Brown" with a Pam Grier body, she was THICK, superfine and sexy,

But like Paul McCartney said, "Let it be." :toast:
the first post was like a story that took me in the details were deep.
the second one you post you should of got her name
the third and last was one you admired a lot sorry it didn't last
but anyway I enjoyed the read...thank you for sharing you talent with us
The pleasure was all mine, sister.

Thanks for your intelligence!


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