Spoken Word : So Amazin'


Jul 2, 2003
I am confused as well.

Poetry belongs in the poetry forum.

Music Videos belong in the entertainment forum.


I have posted a few poems and added
Youtube videos because it enhances my poetry flow.
I am feelin a old song mood. Art is releasing.

If I have to stop, think and not flow as I am feelng stifles my art.

I didn't add the video to show entertainment aspects of an artist, but to set a mood or to enhance my post. I was feeling that song or mood.

If words and videos are scrutinized hard in poetry, but Religious threads, and Spritual threads can place as many youtube, posted pictures and attachments as desired.

Something needs re-balance and evaluation.

In most posting tread areas. Are Attachments turned off? Like in poetry?

I hope we can keep evolving. I will be responsible to follow the rules. But I personally enjoy freedom of expression.

In poetry if the originator only post a video or two. Why can't that be acceptable? Help us stretch & grow our thinking and creativity.

I have been messing up.

Not on purpose, but the rule no video's in poetry does leave me feeling cheated somehow. :10500:

Words in a song, like words in a flow are poetry as you have said.

Since there is an issue, still yet to be resolved, regarding adding videos to the poetry forum ... i've also decided (in lieu of a final solution) ... that most videos are really just poetry put to music, a spoken word of sorts ... and i've put them up here too (if they have poetry attached to them).

Spoken Word
( Speak, Sing and Flow )
would not have videos. Would it? It is straight spoken poetry.

I do not want my poetry placed in spoken word, unless I am on a mic speaking. Then of course I would not have a video.

I do not want my poetry moved to entertainment. I am not trying to share a song. As much as my flow or poem.

:help::teach:Destee :help::teach:

Da Street So'ja

Well-Known Member
Jun 11, 2001
where failure is not an option
thrivin' spiritually/physically/emotionally/financ

whaaaaat in the worrrrrld dooooo you wannnt ffroooomm mmee

caaaaan’t you seeeee I’m fine so leeeeetttt me be

so amazin’ so amazin’
so amazin’ it’s amazin’

it’s amazin’

We’re all confused
about the rules
Yet to be resolved
and still called fools
man that ain't cool
i thought you knew
but i guess you didn't it
but you did admit it
yet to be resolved
and sort of
but on me
you flipped it
i'm saying
was it scripted?
it was predicted
it must be my pigment
unified hate
enemy of the state
of confusion
can't win for losin'
you're the one
who's undoin'
this from the core
you continue to ignore
the more you type
the more they "saw"

It’s amazin’ so amazin’

So amazin’ so amazin’

it's amazin'

Da Street So'ja

Well-Known Member
Jun 11, 2001
where failure is not an option
thrivin' spiritually/physically/emotionally/financ

The truth is met by the ignorant
Behind a façade they claim is legitimate
See it for yourself folks
Cause I’m still tryin’ to figure it
The spiritually illiterate
Descendants of kings and queens
Defending the white man’s words
And what they mean
When we are the supreme
Then you wonder why we’re not a team
Your programmed conscious needs to be redeemed
You need to scream know what I mean
But you probably don’t
With your childlikeness
Then you say it’s like dealing with children
Yea because of YOUR childlikeness
I don’t care if u don’t like this
You know why I write this
Why I hype this
The is the evolution for the righteous
So continue your path of blindness
Dyin’ inside get on your knees and pray
To your “white” highness
That blankets you for cover
Like linus you lost pirate
Lost your “jewels” and became a fool

So amazing so amazing

So amazing it’s amazing

So amazing

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