Black Short Stories : Snatchers: For The Love Of Money (Part4)

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    "[email protected], look at shorty man." My homeboy Ice said as I sat in the driver's seat of my brand new Lexus LX in front of Grimey, a hot spot I ran major cash through.

    "[email protected] man, what have I told you about making me lose count?" I yelled in the direction of the passenger's seat of my ride without looking up.

    "I know but I'm saying. Honey is mad fly." He insisted.

    "Man, what have I told you? Money over b!tches. M.O.B. You know the rule." I said but also found myself looking up as well. "[email protected]" was all that I could say.

    "See, I told you." He smirked and inhaled the blunt I had rolled earlier.

    What can I say but this time Ice was actually right. She was 5'9, huge breast, @ss, and hips. Total package if I may say so myself. Her skin, her skin was so smooth and honey like. She was golden. Light brown eyes and sexy lips. [email protected], no body had ever had this type of effect on me. Everyone who knew me knew I put no one above my money. I was about paper. I was the type of brotha who let a girl ride my **** and count money at the same time without paying her any attention. That's how focused I was on getting rich. No one had ever made me stop what I was doing to stare. It was definitely something about this girl and I hadn't the slightest clue what it was.

    "Shut up. Hold this." I said as I handed him the profits for the day.

    Any other person I wouldn't have trusted with that much loot but not my homeboy Ice. We were boys and plus I knew he had no reason to steal. He was on the same level if not higher than me. He was just reckless with his money. I saved, he spent it on women as if he had to. That was the difference between the two of us.

    "What? What happened to money over b!tches?" He laughed.

    "Whatever, shut up man." I waved him off as I began walking across the busy intersection to the store I saw her walk into.

    "Rhonda's Fashions", owned by a ghetto girl that made clothes so seductive and high class that you just had to buy it no matter how much it costed. Most things in the store were no less than $200 which let me know whoever home girl was she had money which was a plus no matter how she got it.

    Before walking into the store I brushed my deep waved hair from back to front, wiped my new Air Force Ones off which matched my Laker's outfit, and smoothed down my thick eyebrows like an old time pimp. I looked up and saw Ice cracking up. I ignored him and went in the store finally with my head up and game ready.

    Right when I walked in Lucille, a chick I hit every now and then when I felt like it, walked up on me.

    "Uh-huh, where you been at boy? You know I miss you." She said in my ear.

    "I been chilling. I'll be by when I get time. Besides, didn't I see you with Lemonte at the Birthday Bash last week? I ain't even trying to be in that. Beesh, be gone." I said nonchalantly to let her know I wasn't playing.

    She made a face like she was actually hurt and walked out the store with two bags in her hand. To be real, I think it was more embarrassment than hurt. No one had ever turned Lucille's goods down but today would have to be a first.

    I looked around Rhonda's looking for the mystery girl. She was no where to be found. I went up and down the rows of the store from front to back. [email protected], my lost. I said to myself as I began to walk out the store. I looked back one last time before I decided to walk out and to my surprise I spotted her before my foot could touch the ground. She was walking out the dressing room with three dresses in her arms. I smiled and made my way to a nearby rack to look at the dresses by her. She walked pass me to get to the get to the register with her head held high, just how I like a woman, with much confidence in herself.

    I stopped her by grabbing her arms slightly. She paused. "Excuse me miss, can you help me please? I'm looking for something formal for my mother. She's about your size if not smaller. I really want her to look nice for the party we're having. Can you please help me out? I don't know what I'm looking at." I said politely to get her attention and let her know I'm not an ordinary thug.

    She frowned at first as to say 'get your fukkin hands off me jerk.' but then she smiled once she heard the situation and eased up a little bit. "Well sure, what's your mother's taste?" She asked.

    I laughed. "Well you know what, I haven't the slightly clue but I do know that she owns a few ball room gowns and fur coats. She's a really flashy old lady and I have to go deep in my pocket every time I go shopping for her."

    She laughed. "Aw, poor baby. Well, there are lots of things in here she will probably want. If she's like me, everything in here fits her. Rhonda's is the place to be. I'll be happy to help you though." She smiled.

    "Good, where shall we start?" I asked.

    "What's her favorite color? Might help to start there."


    "Good, I know just the thing then. Right this way." She said as if she knew the store like that back fo her hands. "I bought this same dress a couple of weeks ago." She said as she lead me to the other side of the store.

    I looked at her figure as it sashayed back and forth smoothly before me. I was in awe as he hips rocked back and forth and as her @ss went up and down. It was definitely something out of a BET video and because of this I was hooked.

    About thirty minutes later we were still going back and forth in the store but I had finally decided on something. I had purposely turned down all the other dresses because of the material or color but I had finally decided it was enough. I would let her go. From her little tour of the store though I could definitely see she had taste and class. She was definitely my type of girl.

    "Thank you sweetie for helping me out. You know what, just for that I can't let you pay for that. Let me pay for your things. It's the least I can do." I said at the register as we put the things on the counter.

    Rhonda looked at me with her eyes wide open. She as well as the mystery lady both knew then that I had major stacks on deck which was something I was not scared to show to a select few.

    "Oh no, I can't let you do that." She protested.

    "I'm not taking no for an answer. Rhonda, rang all this up together." I said as I pulled out a wad of hundred dollars to flash in front of her.

    "Okay." Rhonda said with a smile. She bagged everything up separately and handed us both a dress bag.

    "Thank you." I said with a slight smile as I walked with the mystery lady.

    I walked her to her car and looked up at Ice at the same time winking my eye at him. He laughed and I opened the door for the woman. She smiled and sat down. I looked at her car and what can I say but I was impressed. A brand new off the show room floor BMW. The new dealership tags were still on it.

    "Wow, nice car." I complimented her.

    "Thanks." She smiled. "It was a gift." She said.

    "Wow, your man really knows how to treat a girl." I said trying to see if she had a man on the sligh.

    "What makes you think I have a man? This did not come from a man." She said with a little attitude.

    "Oh, excuse me miss lady. Well, can I get a name and phone number?" I asked her as I laughed.

    "Honey, and here's a business card. Cell phone and home number is on there." She said as she handed me a plain white card with no business name on it. "So, what's your name?" She asked.

    "Oh, my name is Lemon Lime. Nice to meet you Honey." I said with the sexiest smile I could muster.

    This smile that I threw on her must have turned her off because I swear her face turned as cold as it could. It kinda scared me to be honest with you. She quickly closed her door as if she was ready to forget she even met me. I jumped back as she started her engine.

    Before she drove off she rolled down her window. "Nice to meet you too but I have to go. I just forgot I had to do something. Sorry to leave so suddenly. Thanks for the clothes." She said.

    "You're welcome." I said to the back of the car because she sped off like there was a sudden emergency.

    I looked over at Ice who had unfortunately saw the whole thing unfold. I walked over with my head hung low. I was hurt but at least I got a card out of the whole ordeal.

    "[email protected], what did you say to her? Your breath stank or something?" He asked.

    "I don't know. That was crazy man." I said as I crunk up the car and sped off myself.

    To be continued.........
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