Black Short Stories : Snatchers: For The Love Of Money (Part 5)

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    da south............ATL

    "Awww **** girl, dang. Ummmmmmmm.......OOooooooo."

    "Ooooo daddy!!! Ooooo daddy!!!! Yea, yea, like that!!!" I faked as i look at my Prada watch on my wrist at the same time. It had only been two minutes and he already acted as if he was going to come.

    Bring! Bring! Bring! That was my cell phone ringing and vibrating on the night stand of my room. Delo, a neighbor hood trapper from around the way, looked at the phone just as I did. I knew who it was but I knew I couldn't answer the phone. I thought for sure he would have given up after two weeks but he was so presistent. I was planning on changing my number but to be honest it made me feel good knowing that i was on someone's mind like that all the time. Too bad that person had to be forbidden.

    "Who the hell is that? It's three o'clock in the morning." Delo said as he pushed me off him.

    "I don't know. What does it matter anyway? I'm here with you." I said as I tried to get back on top of him.

    He pushed me away. "Dammit Honey, I knew it. You're still the same. You still fooling around. I don't know why I even waste my time with yo nasty @ss." He said as he started to put on his clothes.

    I hated when he did that. He knew what I did for a living. He knew I was a snatcher and would never be his. I didn't know why he couldn't get it through his head after I had told him plain and clear. You see, a few years back, I got caught. It was the one and only time that I had ever had to confess what I did for a living to get out a situation. There was no lie to tell. I was caught red handed so I told both gentleman the truth. While the other man left me alone completely Delo still continued to stop by every now and again hoping in his mind that he could make me a one man woman which was a shame because that was never going to happen as long as there was money to be made out there for me. And it made me heated that he couldn't get the idea.

    I folded my arms and pouted. "Man, why? I didn't even do nothing." I said trying to convince him to stay. I hadn't gotten any money yet in my mind.

    “I’m out.” He said as he brushed pass me roughly.

    I followed him. “Man, why is you trippin Dee? You know how it is.” I said as I grabbed him

    He jerked away. “Exactly, and I know you and yo girls are all nasty. Get the **** off me.”

    We made it to the living room where Silver and Diamond were seating playing two man spades. They looked up at us as we entered the room. Delo looked at the both of them in disgust, sighing heavily as he made his way pass them.

    “Please Delo. Don’t do this.” I said as I followed.

    He didn’t respond he just opened the door and when he did my face turned cold as ice. Standing before me was the man that I had been avoiding for weeks. It was Lemon Lime. He was about to knock on the door but Delo had opened it before his manly knuckle could even hit the door.

    Delo turned to me. “Figures. Hey bruh, if you know what’s good for you you would leave this place and never look back.”

    I couldn’t believe this ****. My life had just taken a turn for the worst. I was confused. So confused that everything went black……

    To be continued……
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    gurl u know pt. 6 need to drop
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    Oh shiiiiiznip

    Wus good dag it's been a while since I've been here but I see you still doing the [email protected] thang as usual I hope you aint gonna leave us
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    Plz write more !!!!