Black Short Stories : Snatchers: For The Love Of Money (Part 3)

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    I sat there looking up at the smoke that filled the room reminiscing about my big brother when he was home. You see, I came up in the slums. Mama didn't have a job and my daddy's evil *** was riding the back of a garbage truck for a living. Yea, garbage men made a good bit and we shouldn't have been living where we were (in a trailer park with dirty @ss white folks) but my daddy had so many women he couldn't move us out of the hole where we were and I hated him for that. When another woman had hit a soft spot with him he would always come home and beat my mama. Lemon Lime, whose real name was Hector, named after my father who was Mexican couldn't take it living there. He got tired of breaking up fights and fighting our father when he had hit my mama one too many times. He also didn't like the fact that the trailer was a one bedroom trailer which meant that Hector and I would have to sleep on the floor or sofa in the living room. So early one morning Hector pinched me awake.

    "Ouch." I said as I rubbed my arm.

    Hector put his finger up to his mouth telling me to be quiet. "I have to go baby sis. Watch out for mama for me. I'm going to make some money and get us out this hell hole." He said.

    "Wait, where are you going? We gotta take care of mama together. I can't take care of her by myself." I said.

    "You have too. If you don't we won't ever get out of here. Do you want that?" He asked.

    "No, but..."

    "No buts Silver. Now tell mama I'll be back when I have us a house. I love you sis. I'm going to miss you but I have to do what I have to do." He said as he kissed me on the forehead and rubbed my wavy hair back.

    "I love you too Hector. I'm going to miss you too." He said.

    From that night on I never saw Hector again but I got word that he had really come up after I ran away. I heard he had major stacks on deck and he kept the hood on lock. He wasn't scared of anything. After all, why should he be? Hector and I had seen a lot of blood throughout our days from the pints of blood mama shed, we had been beat by father so much that nothing really phased us physically, we just learned to retaliate and that's what made Hector AKA Lemon Lime dangerous.

    "Hold on, hold on, you mean to tell me that your brother is stacking major figures and you over here popping your ***** for a dollar." Honey said pulling me out of my trans.

    I cut my eye at her. "It goes deep than that. I have my own reason for doing this and believe me it's not for the money."

    Diamond took the blunt from Honey. "Well, we will respect that. Fam is fam and in this business we don't backstab. We will not go in that direction. Now, will we Diamond." Diamond looked over at Honey sternly.

    Honey shook her shoulders. "If you say so." She said.

    "If WE say so." I said.

    You Honey was the money hungry *** out of us. She liked the finer things in life and for some reason I think if we weren't doing this I think she still would have found something to do to get money. She was sneaky and conniving when she wanted to be. Her deep honey skin complexion brought plenty of [email protected] her way like clockwork. To be honest, I think she never wanted for anything in her life. She just let her beauty do the talking.

    "Okay, okay. I got ya. Besides, I don't even know how he looks. Diamond saw him not me. He's off limits. I understand." Honey said.

    "Good, now Silver are you still working on Redman?" Diamond asked me.

    "Yea, he's almost where I want him. Not quite though. I'll have him soon." I said.

    "Cool, Honey you with White Mike?"

    "I'ono, I kinda made a mistake and let his rude @ss get to me. I told him off and told him to make dust." Honey said innocently but that didn't work with Diamond. It never did.

    "What? What the **** you mean you told him to make dust? I'll tell you whose going to make dust. You @ss if you don't call him right now and apologize!!! Go head, go in there and do what you do *****." Diamond screamed and her like a male lion.

    Honey didn't argue. She only did what she was told. Come to think of it, we all did what we were told when Diamond said something. She was like the mother out of all of us. She always knew the right thing to do. She was a diva when it came to skimming and making paper. She was definitely a role model with stories to tell.

    "[email protected] Dyme, you didn't have to do it like that. Calm down." I said tryin to take up for Honey.

    "Mind yours." Diamond said as she went back to her room and closed the door.

    I looked at the door and thought back on the night when I thought that I heard her crying. Well, no thinking to it, I KNOW I heard her crying. I don't know what she was crying for but it definitely revealed that she had a soft spot somewhere in her hard @ss body. I wanted to go see what was up but I didn't. Diamond had been extra snappy lately and I didn't want to push another button with her. For all I knew it could have been the last.

    To be continued..........
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    whoaaaaaaaaa!!! pt.4 please
    dis was like bang !