Black Poetry : Snappin'

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    A little spoken-word piece I just wrote. Enjoy!

    It’s easy for someone to say “things just happened”, when you do something wrong
    Even though in actuality….it don’t
    It happened because you wanted it to happen
    Everything has a process

    Now, let me tell you a little story, alright?
    This is for the ladies…

    Let’s say that you know this real nice guy, right?
    He takes you out
    He makes you laugh
    He treats you like a queen
    Pretty much, he’s spoiling your ***, right?
    Ya’ll just friends as of now
    But, he loves you and eventually wants something more than a friendship
    And you’re aware of that…
    Let’s call him “Mr. Right”
    Right now, he’s not around, because you’re off in college

    Now, start snapping your fingers….
    Snap, Snap, Snap

    I want you to continue to snap your fingers as you read this
    Keep snapping in a rhythm…
    Imagine that as your time

    Let’s say, you met this guy on campus, right?
    You liked him, but didn’t love him
    He barely knew you
    But, he liked you, though

    All of a sudden one day, he started testing you
    Seeing how far could he go with you
    Saying sweet things to you, a touch here and there
    This man knew your weakness
    He knew how you felt when he touched you
    Like bliss…

    Now, you still snapping, that means time
    Time that “Mr. Right” wasn’t even a thought in your mind

    This guy continues to push you
    And eventually, was able to get your clothes off
    You started kissing him

    Still snapping….
    Time still pacing…

    He pulled out his baby-maker
    He put on his protection
    You could’ve stopped him at any time
    You let him ease himself into you

    Still snapping…
    Time still pacing…

    In and out he went
    Providing pain from physical pleasure
    Not a thought of “Mr. Right” anywhere
    Not a thought that he loved you

    Now, you still snapping, that means time
    Time that “Mr. Right” wasn’t even a thought in your mind

    Time you didn’t stop this guy
    You didn’t want to stop
    You were enjoying this “love”
    Repeating history
    Repeating the same mistake you made earlier in the year with a different guy
    After you sworn you wouldn’t do it again

    When it finally ended…
    Still no thoughts of Mr. Right
    Nah…no thoughts at all

    Still snapping…
    Time still pacing…

    Oh yeah, I bet you felt good afterward
    I hope you did
    Because, to Mr. Right
    That was the biggest slap in the face
    For all the things he done for you
    For all the time he spent with you
    This is what he gets in return

    For him to even hear of it made this guy sick to my stomach
    He didn’t know if he wanted to throw up, cry, or punch a hole in a concrete wall

    You can stop snapping
    Yet, it just happened?…
    Doubt it
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    a rude awakening ...........nice piece
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    You got me, I didn't see it comin! Love gone wrong...and it ain't nothing like a Good girl gone Bad!

    Blessings On ya House!

    Spreading love:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: