Black Poetry : Snack is a small meal cornflakes make it all real rattle the street I'm from Battle creek so kneel to the words see a girl with hips and lips and chi


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May 11, 2006
Snack is a small meal cornflakes make it all real
rattle the street I'm from Battle creek so kneel
to the words see a girl with hips and lips and
chips and dip is a snack, rhyme a bunch got a plan
for lunch, a bird make a musical call I heard that's
not unusual y-all, room stuffy as I write loud phat
fluffy white clouds travel across the sky but I want
some boss pie, “SO BOO what you wanna do? Naw
what you gonna do? Playing in a contest and dis-
playing my best laying down to rest in a bed brisk”
SHE SAID “WELL I be wet in school a set of rules list
how to dry my pie but I'm shy after a good kiss
panties soaked I can do for a coke and no doubt try
to work it out, let my hummer anoint a certain
number of points, come with fresh game flirting
my breasts is your aim twerking, dedication to power
medication every hour read bad information now cower”
HE SAID “look boo flows online when I compose in rhyme shower
with dove soap so at the club hope to pull a chick quick

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