Black Poetry : Smoke (on Bishop's Satin Sheets)


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May 11, 2001
Atlanta, GA
:blob fire: Every morning when I wake
:blob fire: There is a fine misty film all around me
:blob fire: Like smoke
:blob fire: Steam rises
:blob fire: From my body
:blob fire: Cause the night before I burned
:blob fire: Like flames
:blob fire: The heat was so intense
:blob fire: That I have scorch marks between my thighs
:blob fire: As he does
:blob fire: On his lips.
:blob fire: Every morning
:blob fire: As I raise my pleasantly sore
:blob fire: Body from the Love nest
:blob fire: I remember the spark
:blob fire: That ignited the flames
:blob fire: The whisper of a touch
:blob fire: The wetness of the lick
:blob fire:The smoothness of the entry.
:blob fire: Every evening
:blob fire: As we lay
:blob fire: Just as the smoke is clearing
:blob fire: We ignite the spark
:blob fire: That leaves behind the smoke

Natasha :heart:
:blob fire:
still wet from the oil of pleasure
My match ignites the spark
that consumes us in Passion fire
Bathing us in fiery extasy
purifying this intercourse of love
bodies sore
yet we cry out for more
for the fire strengthens us
thighs glowing red hot
searing my flesh as I enter in
welding us together
intensity of the heat unbearable
yet it pales in comparison to the pleasures experienced
spontaneous combustion
as we explode
in unison
extinguishing the flames that licks our flesh
as we savor this moment of rest before we begin again.


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