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    To: Mr. Gary Greenberg
    From: Andre Austin
    Subject: Smoke & Fire

    I couldn’t believe I got an email from you to stop smoking. I’m trying my best to quit smoking black & milds. I was in the process of asking your opinion about some smoke and fire.

    Some crazy cranks on the History Channel are proposing that the ancient Egyptian Literature talking about a “Circle of fire” is the fire of a space craft launching into space. And that the “Sons of God” are aliens. They should consult with experts like you in the know to bring them a real to the real reality check. They are distorting ancient Egypt’s theology Big Time.

    I had speculated the “circle of fire” theology of the Egyptians in part had to do with Coffin text 1130 where Osiris body dwells in one place (Nile/Nun) and “descends into the entourage of fire without there being a flame against him, for all time and eternity”. I started seeing motifs and analogies to 1 Corinthians 3:10-15 where souls are tested by fire are saved if escaping being burnt up through its flames. The Egyptians also equated the Sirius star as the great central fire where souls went for eternity in the sky. The stars were also called imperishable just like Paul did in 1 Corinthians 15:50-55. I’m also trying to connect the dots and link all of this up with the Osirian/Isaac’s sacrifice in the fire as outlined in your book: “The Bible Myth” pages 242-246, due to the rituals dealing with life after death.

    If it wasn’t for your writings and another author’s book dealing with Jesus family tomb I would have never thought Jesus was an historical person. However, Egyptian myths spilled into the New Testament and I look forward to seeing a future book from you dealing with a 101 myths of the New testament.

    Sincerely yours,

    Andre Austin.