Black Entertainment : Smith Family Bashing Time Again: Hollywood Style

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    I can't let this one go without comment, Will and Jada may have their own style of parenting, bad or good, make of it what you will, Willows picture stood the scrutiny of FPS & what father hasn't pecked his son or daughter on the lips on a talk show, that's what the host wants to boost ratings through sensationalism just as it doesn't smack of inappropriate behavior. The Fresh Price supporting actress jealousy issue, Marc Antony being at the house with Jada at 3:AM they're entertainers people. Like I said bad or good, make of it what you will and to all the haters who excoriate every move the Smith Family makes, touch base with us heathen lovers when you become the tenth richest family in America like Will, Jada, Willow & Jaden Smith. $260,000,000 Million. Lets talk then. smiths.jpg

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