Black Poetry : Smile is Contagious

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    let's love one another brother stop all the hate going around
    be proud of who you are on the inside & choose
    to become a beacon of light to a hurting world in need of love
    love is the mere essence of the fabric of my existence
    don't ever try to join up in its resistance
    we can move mountains of evil in our way
    those that never confide to bow the knee to pray
    but is there another way ?
    faceless victims with viscous fangs that bite dripping blood off side
    yet I seek for comfort in a higher power
    my very soul permeates with a reason to share such love
    from a candle light vigil to passing the torch
    we are living in a land so very mean
    Smile is contagious so pass yours on
    sing a lively tune or a love song
    the vibrance of lost exploits from a time ago
    having so much fun with a tender hope that it would last
    the get togethers at the beach
    trying to catch that frisbee way out of reach
    walking hand in hand along the shore
    never felt like this before for you were all I was searching for
    kicking the tin can in the street
    the ice cream man came by with a heavenly treat
    back the it used to mean something to hold open your door for your neighbor
    wearing your finest at the mall with the gell in your hair
    for i shed a single tear cause you were never there
    to bask in the vast expanse of rich tender love
    coupled with a heart filled with gold
    mark the one willing to explore
    so much more with a smile
    cause you knew all the great while
    it was there all the time what I had been searching for
    so today tell somebody there special never forget them
    there is always a great lesson the more you keep on confessing
    like a rainbow in the dark you lit the inner spark to what is is I'm searching for
    when your smiling the whole world smiles with you
    when your dancing truly dancing the sun keeps shining through
    but when your laughing truly laughing the rain won't fall on you
    learn to share with one another the treasure of love