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Feb 28, 2001
Hello and Welcome to this special Easter edition!

We have news, news, and more news! We are coming upon the end of
March (Small Press Month) and it has truly been a grand time for the
small presses!

Inside this newsletter:

Small Press Awards
Marguerite Press presents a 'Late Spring Literary Thing'
Indy's newest book club
AA-AHA, Inc.--SPA Program
Appearances for Delores Thornton

Marguerite Press announces its first annual Small Press Contest!
Please visit the new website to vote for the press of your choice.
Presses in the competition include; Write The Vision, Inc.; Free To
Soar; and FYOS Entertainment, LLC. The polls will remain open until
April 15, 2002. Go to the new home for Marguerite Press:
Yes, we are also presenting a 'Late Spring Literary Thing'. This will
take place on Friday May 31, 2002, at two Indy libraries, Central and
Glendale. Some of our confirmed authors include; Jacquie Bamberg
Moore, Tracy Price Thompson, Hetty Gray, Crystal Rhodes, Catherine
McGee Livers, Fran Yates and poets, D. Delreverda Jennings, Lana
Lewis Talib and Latifah Hameen.
Indianapolis welcomes its newest book club, Friendgurlz. The
president is Lena Williams. The group recently had its first meeting
and selected some of the books for the year. The first book the group
will read is 'Sin' by Crystal Rhodes. Other selections include, Sugar
by Bernice McFadden, Sittin' In The Front Pew by Parry 'EbonySatin'
Brown, Singsation by Jacquelin Thomas and Babe by Delores Thornton.
Marguerite Press is happy to announce that the 'First Annual Self-
Published/Small Press Awards (SPA) are making literary history! The
winner in the fiction category is Althea Christina Hughes, author of
Walking The Line; non fiction winner is Marvin V. Arnett, author of
Pieces From The Crazy Quilt. And the small press winner is 'Moore
Black Press. Winners will receive awards at the SPA Banquet in
Queens, New York. Please visit the site of African American Authors
Helping Authors, Inc. for more details.
Appearances for Delores Thornton
Saturday--April 6, 2002.
The Pageturners Book Club of Phillips Temple CME Church, invites the
public to join them as they host Delores Thornton in a reading and
signing of 'Babe'. Members of the book club will dress from various
periods in the book, and will also sing some of the 'Old Negro
Spirituals' in the novel. Bernice Taylor, the cover model for Babe
will also be on hand. Please come out and join us. The event will be
Saturday April 6, 2002, at the church in the fellowship hall, at 3
Tuesday--April 9, 6--7 A.M./PST.
Thornton will be the guest of Maxine Thompson for her Internet radio
show, 'On The Same Page'. Please tune in Tuesday, April 9, 2002-- Feel free to call in to the show: 1-888-335-
5204. Time 6-7 A.M./PST.

One final thing! Delores Thornton has a new author's site. Please
visit her at:

Happy Easter!

Delores Thornton


Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
i will visiting them all.............thanks

Jan 22, 2001
betwixt and between
Website Consultant
Hello Delores! :)

I was speaking with one of my clients this morning, Chris Curry (So You Want To Be A Star), and he mentioned attending an affair last night, which was none other than your First Annual Self-Published/Small Press Awards (SPA) Banquet!

Sounds like you all had a wonderful time!





Feb 28, 2001
Hey Destee! You are so right, we have a wonderful event on Friday, May 3, 2002. And Chris made it even better. He has a voice that is all that, and a personality to match. On Saturday, I attended the BlackBoard Reception in Manhattan, and the word had traveled to the BEA about our SPA affair. I'm so pleased with the way everything turned out. And thanks for letting me know about Chris being your client. I plan to contact him about some contacts for my granddaughter, who's an entertainer. Blessings~!


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Dec 16, 2001
Semora, NC
full time webmaster
Delores ~ i have heard of you... -smile-

do you know Sherri Robinson?

have a nice day...

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