Black Poetry : SLOW ROLL...

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    somewhere ova da rainbow....
    To night…
    I want to slow roll it
    Smooth and nice
    Be your candy lollipop
    Rock it to the left
    Sway to the right
    Move it just right

    Your Honey carmel delight
    Rolling it just right
    Make it feel out of sight
    Get tipsy with it
    And roll all night long

    Work it fast
    Then go real slow
    Feel the movement

    I want to slow roll it
    Dip and tip
    Relax and un-wine
    Ready for action and adventure
    Taking our time

    Rockin n rollin
    Swaying under the covers
    All night
    Slow rollin

    I want to slow roll it
    Give you all I got
    Two step down the sheets
    Ride with the flow

    I want to moan
    Hear you groan
    Play in the mass
    Of our love
    Stroke it slow
    Move it in motion
    Dance in our heat
    Get nasty with it
    Just slow roll it

    Get sweaty and wet
    Just make you feel good
    Put the back in motion
    And slow roll it all night long
    Doing the do
    Just right
    Do that slow roll

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    slow rollin it ummm
    i want it to the east
    and swayin to da west
    i want lay u down to a bedtime
    rest of perfection nice & slow

    I wanna be yo candy licker
    da body warmer of flickers
    i want go slow rock u to da core
    as u be my dish my candy fix
    let roll in the depth of bliss
    as i make u confess

    I wanna go high
    ride da waves , float on a maze
    dance in seduction of extreme
    won't stop til u scream
    i wanna slow roll u to a milkyway
    go deeper under ya sway

    let me groan as u moan
    to my fingertip roam
    playin tic tac toe eroticly
    round and round
    buck side to side
    go low take a nose dive
    slide back up get all stuck
    make u sweat
    whisper here kitty kat

    i wanna go slow on a roll
    as i stroll every curve
    leave u for words in a mix
    from this rockin bliss of twist
    let go down to da floor
    to da shower and much more
    slow roll me if u will............