Black Poetry : slow jazz moment (repost)


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Mar 19, 2001
Baltimore, Md.
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traffic kinda hectic tonight
sun's setting over the buildings
the city lights start to arrive
think i'll open the sunroof
so i can catch the evening breeze;

there's a scent in the air tonight
it only shows in the fall after
the heat of summer has subsided
i'm pulling up to my drive
think i'll sit here a while

loosen my tie, recline my seat
slip in Najee or maybe Miles
say, "welcome" to the moon as
it peers through the rustic sky
this is a slow jazz moment.

enter a dimly lit living room,
leather couch in the center
Coltrane playing in the speakers
as i light an incense or two
think i'll rest a while.

slip off the coat,
pour a glass of wine
set the pillows so i can see
the stars as they arrive quietly
think i'll relax for a bit.

point between relaxation and slumber
the door opens slowly, so i adjust
the pillows under my left arm,
pour another glass with my right;
think I’ll make dinner tonight;

i lift one red rose to her as she
rest her head on my shoulder
i gently brush the petals across her
brow as i massage the stress away
"Long day at work?"

waiting for that one moment
when her head becomes heavy;
relaxation has taken over, so
i gently kiss her on her brow
and we both fall off to sleep.

Welcome home my love...


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