Quiet Poetry Lounge : sleeping with stones …


Apr 29, 2001
Deep, deep in the forest
sleeping with stones …

Once I slept with a stone
like sticks I thought, it
might break my bones

but this stone was black
onyx, perfectly adorned
smooth to my touch with
each facet formed

I admired this stone I held
in my hand
This rare Nile jewel I could
not understand

it glittered so with each fleck
of moonlight
for I did not know stones came
in the night

on this bed of rocks i burrowed
with pleasure, it led to a mine
shaft drenched in dark treasure …

stalactites dripping
under my ground
Dripping dew/droplets
ever down …Drip
… drip

my crystal shard glistened
inside this diamond mine,
beneath hot molten lava -
her lips I did find

our moist exploration, her
thighs stretched wide,
revealing the gems
that lay
deep inside …

once I slept with a stone;
and she rocked my world.



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