Black Relationships : Sleeping With Monsters

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    There is a certain innocence in sensual nakedness that leaves you vulnerable, but as a
    trade-off it leaves you so very aware of a partners most simple desires. What happens when we have, traded that awareness for security. Perhaps, that is the place where one feels most safe. Unfortunately it is the most dangerous place of them all. Rationing sex out to your spouse, like war rations, is literally crawling out on the longest limb in order to have full control of your space. The problem is that you are living on a reality that is paid for in fools gold, and its only a matter of time before you are discovered by the proper authorities and punished accordingly. It is a marriage between ridiculousness of biblical proportions (literally, 1 Corinthians 7:3-5) and sadness. In fact if you graph the intersection of those two things you will find some husband turning toward the wall with a frustrated wife at his back, or vice versa.

    What do we make of the story about a wife who ran over her cheating husband by accident (perhaps) while trying to chase down and confront his mistress. Sadder still might be what lurks beneath the surface. Was her husband among the 52% of men, from a recent study, who were unhappy with the frequency of sex (42% of the women as well).

    For all my culinary connoisseurs, the greatest sin of all is too much salt. Its not because of some of the more immediate reasons that comes to mind. In fact its really not about the salt at all. its about every other wonderful flavor the salt has managed to mask. Flavor combinations which have been so carefully prepared, sometimes over hundreds or even thousands of years. Imagine the taste of freshly made spaghetti sauce. Let your mind taste the basil, beautiful, vine-ripened tomato sauce, with the rich taste of the finest tomato paste, garlic cloves thinly sliced to perfection. Now, imagine the chef pouring a full cup of salt on top of it. A marriage is a beautiful thing made up of the most wonderful ingredients, but a cold bedroom is like a gallon of salt. It WILL mask every flavor you've ever loved. If they are not completely masked they are so bitter now that they only serve to remind you of what could have been if it were not for that damned salt! What decent chef, no, what decent human being would do such a terrible thing. Surely we are talking about the actions of madmen, monsters even. No place exist where this ghastly example could be considered an authoritative in the life of any sane person.

    Have you ever mistaken sugar for salt? If you have, find the mirror in your mind that is introspection. If you can see no reflection, then you are the monster and God help your spouse. Surely it is late in the day, and they are weak from your feeding on their blood. Give up your security and turn your sex life into "our" sex life. Move from your limb of false security, back toward the tree of life. Nobody deserves to sleep with monsters.
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    betwixt and between
    :hello: RisingSun ... Welcome Home ... :wave:

    Your thread title is soooo captivating, only to be met with a beautifully written post inside ... Nice!

    I hear what you're saying and agree, when intimacy is lacking, there's a problem.

    I'd suggest though, rather than focusing on the obvious, one might look elsewhere for the root cause.

    Water in the basement, doesn't always mean there's a problem with the basement. Check upstairs. :wink:

    Much Love and Peace.


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    Welcome Rising Sun!

    And thank you, Destee. I was thinking along those same lines. ;)