Brother AACOOLDRE : Sleeping in the Senate

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    I Guess we have to sleep in the Senate
    By Andre Austin

    What is going on in the Senate. It appears that members of the Senate have to breathe with restraint least the White House lawn will feast with drinking their blood in place of glasses of wine. Senator Clinton asked what Bush knew before 9/11 and now all of the Bushy spear men are aiming their targets at her.I was taught in school that the legislature was one of three check and balances of our government. I guess that was thrown out the window since 911.

    I guess were are in a temporary crisis and our President rises up to a temporary dictatorship to a point where he can’t be questioned. The envious slanders of Clintion’s false accusers is well grounded in malice, revenge and deflection of heat on themselves.
    If Mrs. Clinton was accused in total context and in true report the record would of shown she was actually sympathizing with him.

    I’m finding it hard to believe that the Attorney General just brief the President on FBI memos about hijackers wanted to fly into the World Trade Center. I guess they are giving the President a plausible denial. It appears to me that the Bush Administration is only satisfied only when Democrats agrees with everything the GOP says and does. But they don’t even like it when Democrats sympathize. I guess they will only be satisfied with democrats breathing by snoring in sleep. Time magazine just wrote a special report “While America Slept”. Nobody should be sleeping; everybody up asking questions.