Black Poetry : Sleep


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Nov 9, 2019
Get they mail,
resource they mail into scholarships,
throwing academic shows increasing chosen At-Risk Youth positive morale with speed,
sleep racists whores and bustas,
beat you to the square cause you just don't know,
did you see the big surprise?
you never seen me move so incognito,
you never seen the white of my eyes,
there was no love from the start,
geniuses don't march,
we think tank and implement,
taking over commercial failures,
turning dirt into gold,
as the Vodun hit me,
getting bigger,
Tuskegee Airmen said I could fly,
Marcus Garvey said I could float,
this one be for my sisters from the Branches of the tribal Tree,
keep representing with those dances and our songs,
our cultures,
our traditions,
turning our ways of who they envy into businesses,
them racists whores and bustas never cared about us anyway since the beginning,
beat them all until it is no more chess squares left,
and you know little ole me,
the infamous Akan and Ewe mixed,
with real Cherokee fixed,
on a better way to exit,
get they mail...
then resourcing they mail into At-Risk Youth scholarships like a magician you never seen before,
racists whores and bustas always hated me and you so there won't be no big surprise when their systematic pawn pieces disappear before their cold eyes,
pull their curtains down irreversibly,
me laughing now,
cause crying only made my indigenous bones softer,
now sleep....

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Hi Sister,
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