Black People : Slavery is not our lineage! How the term "ADOS" buys into eugenics and anti-blackness


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May 16, 2002
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How the term "ADOS" buys into eugenics and anti-blackness
Slavery is not our lineage!
"On January 2, 2020, I published the report Understanding ADOS: The Movement to Hijack Black Identity and Fracture Black Unity in America. Since publication, the report has been read and downloaded by over 40,000 people from across the African Diaspora; an indication that this discussion was long overdue. The report was about the ADOS movement and their attempts to rename the Black American/African American community, “American Descendants of Slavery.”
In follow up discussions I’ve realized that we need to revisit how problematic it is to refer to ourselves as “descendants of slavery.” To be clear, no we do not and can not descend from “slavery.” This line of thinking is problematic, dehumanizing, and anti-Black for a number of reasons.
“But JAM, we need the term ‘ADOS’ for our justice claim!” says people missing the point.
And my reply is, you’re in luck! Yes, we have a specific claim, and we also have specific terms that pre-date “ADOS.” The term to address this need is “Descendants of Africans enslaved in the United States” (DAEUS). This term has been used by African American activists, scholars, and reparations advocates for years. DAEUS is extremely useful because it brings both a historical and cultural context to African American lives, while also addressing the condition of slavery and its impact on our collective being.
No matter how anyone tries to frame it, slavery and enslavement are not lineages. For African Americans, many of our ancestors were indeed enslaved. However, slavery is a condition. It’s not a bloodline. The idea of embracing enslavement as bloodline or lineage-based actually reinforces the racist lies told by proponents of eugenics that tried to justify the enslavement of our ancestors scientifically.
In the 1858 book, “The Testimony of Modern Science in the Unity of Mankind,” James Lawrence Cabell argued that people of African descent were genetically inferior, thereby excusing and rationalizing slavery.
ADOS is essentially uplifting the racist ideology of eugenics by getting African Americans to adopt internalized anti-Blackness in the name of a “justice claim.” Thus, it’s not surprising that ADOS leadership seeks to distance themselves from African identity or question whether or not African Americans have a culture.
But for argument’s sake, let’s discuss another condition.
Let’s say, for example, you had a grandmother that, at one time in her life, went to prison. Would you then proclaim yourself to be a “descendant of prison?” Absolutely not, because you understand that prison is a place of confinement and imprisonment is the condition of being confined. Rightfully so, you’d tell people that your grandmother was imprisoned, but you would never say – prison is my lineage.
You would never wear t-shirts calling yourself a “descendant of prison.” Perhaps the closest thing you could call yourself to that is “descendant of prison laborers,” and even that term would never be sufficient because it still doesn’t tell you anything about your history, culture, bloodline, or heritage.
Thus, you still wouldn’t proclaim the “prison” or “imprisonment” itself as your lineage. It would sound ridiculous. It would be confusing. And most of all, that statement would be incredibly dehumanizing.
Because prison is not an ethnicity, it’s not a culture, and it’s not a bloodline.
Neither is slavery."
The rest: Slavery is not our lineage!


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Jun 14, 2018
Capitalism is built on slavery and couldn't exist without it.

“Trump is the truth about America, because America has been like this forever. White people haven’t seen it, but we have.”


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Jul 2, 2003
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Capitalism is built on slavery and couldn't exist without it.

“Trump is the truth about America, because America has been like this forever. White people haven’t seen it, but we have.”
Absolutely Capitalism Stands on the Neck of Oppression.
Couldn't have been actualized during the building of ancient civilizations before Rome. Didn't have a ( LABEL ) then..

Bring it to the chat room Fellows where we can say, as we see. Eye to eye and share as we understand. Some more truth
Hit me with a time and day on the Kitchen Table.. There is so much more that can be shared when speaking and not texting.


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Jun 14, 2018
these ladies have it all wrong.
check out these treads for some real knowledge.

Antonio Moore thread.....

yvette carnell thread.....
I think you right James.
The ladies are unnecessarily splitting hairs. Slavery is a CONDITION in body if not a figment of mind, not an inherited linage of gene/s that goes back 10's of thousands of years. We all know at least roughly where we came from. In my case it only goes to Texas and someplace around Virginia or N. Carolina. The moms side, no idea.

Reparations is supposed to be some kind of correction suffered from the existential condition.

Personally, I don't want no part of their filthy lucre. They'll just go steal it from some other brown skinned 'other'.
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