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BEN SHAHN:“Summer”,(1938)


CIVIL WAR COLLECTION:“Ruined Buildings in Charleston” (1865)
Charleston,S.C. View of ruined buildings through porch of the Circular Church (150 Meeting Street).
"you still want that blue suit *****?" - Denzel washington (Glory)

CIVIL WAR:“Execution of Negro Soldier” (1864)
Petersburg,Virginia (vicinity). Execution of William Johnson,Negro soldier.
This is why they call it a Bar-B-Cue and today we utter that term in sheer ignorance of what we are saying. What we are echoeing is that we too, want to burn/cook a *****.
LYNCHING COLLECTION:“Postcard of a Lynching”

Even wrote a letter about it bragging about it to his pops.


Floyd County area,1913-1919? Black man hanging from a tree. No data on whether he was hung legally or lynched. Other blacks seen in the background. Several houses and an outhouse seen in the background,too.
Momma how long we'se got's ta stay out he'r it's hot!! Shut yo mouth and get's ta pickins boy before dat de'r filthy oversee'r see's you takin a break.

Boy picking cotton in the field of Mrs. Minnie B. Guice near Mount Meigs in Montgomery County,Alabama.

Beyond words:

LOUISIANA COLLECTION:“Blacks,New Orleans,Louisiana”(1890′s)

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Children of unemployed trapper,Plaquemines Parish,Louisiana. 1935
If anyone is wondering how and why family re-unions got started, it was because of the many family members seperated during slavery that letters like the below went out in search of mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters and children. At the off chance that they should receive a reply from the members they were in search of and happen to meet up, they referred to it as a 'family RE-union'. this is why we get together with family we haven't seen since the last reunion, just to make sure everyone is ok because in our sub-concious minds we want to make sure that they haven't been "RE-CAPTURED" and sent back to the plantation, or worse.



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