Chief Elder Osiris : Slave Name Changing Ceremony

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    Hoteph Warriors For Justice:

    To all of you who are conscious of the importantance of a Name, I wish to
    inform you of Sankofa Repatriation Movement Southern Branch, located in
    Orlando, Florida, under the guidance of the Honorable Osiris Akkebala, our
    National Chairman, Hierophant and Spiritual Master Teacher, who will be
    conducting our Name changing ceremony from our Slave Name to our original
    Afrikan Name.

    The name is an intricate part of the body economy and does in fact affect
    the body identity.

    On the 24th of April, at turkey lake park, in Orlando Florida, at Sunset, a
    transformation will take place, as we Sankofa members prepare to assume our
    original Names, as was given by our Ancient Afrikan Ancestors.

    This is an open invitation to everyone who might be in the Orlando, Florida
    area on that most holy day of which our Names will be restored.

    For more Information concerning this event, please contact brother Hannibal
    Akkebala, General and Chief of Security, at 407- 841-0788 ext - 349 or

    May we cause trouble until our Liberation

    Sister Temeko
    Secretary of Sankofa Repatriation Movement