Black People : Slave Child

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    The slave child must know that God's ever-presence is an pre-existent actuality. The very essence of knowledge is only an awakening to those who are and who were trapped within the confinements of "the house". As ones house is one mind, and ones mind is "the house" that one still lives in as they step through and into reality from within their own thoughts navigating the mind. Only the mind will never actually be knowledgable of God's consciousness until one dares to learn thy truest self, in order, to know that the house of God is ever-present...actuality. Life-actual thought and experience that's limited by no one(s) level of "thinking", very essence that's limited to the confinements of no ones idealistic walls. Thought that's all spiritually derived of "the center" that the totality in God's ever-presence unfolds all into being, and all from within, and all at once... I say, do not "god" or "the truth"; know God always looking deeper within... into the truth that always was right there. Or you will not actually see the mirror reflection in all that completely surrounds you. Which only means that you do not actually know what lives within...all, and all at once. Then you are a slave. Kevin D. Ervin 2007 c.