Black Short Stories : Skyy Hudson Part 2

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    The next day Rico and I drove over to my place. Airon wasn’t home so I figured he was out with his homeboys or with his girl. The house still smelled like cinnamon from two days ago. I walked down the hallway to my room and opened the door. The bed was made and everything looked normal like there wasn’t even another ***** in my room. As Rico walked past me he said “I bet the nasty ***** didn’t even change the sheets.” I turned around and just glared at him knowing that he was probably right.
    I yelled out to Rico and told him to change the locks while I packed up his ****. It took almost three hours before I had all Airon things in boxes and bags. Since Airon didn’t have a car I simply put everything in the shed out back along with the bed he ****** that ho in. I sent Rico to Rooms to Go to buy me a new bedroom set. When Rico arrived back at the house we put the new bed in the room and cleaned up a little bit. I wrote Airon a note before leaving and taped it to the door. It read:

    *****, *****, *****,
    You f**ked up! I know about the ***** you ****** in my bed. How you wonder? Because I watched. Nice performance I must say. So I suggest you wave down the ***** that dropped you off before you continue reading this. Don’t bother trying to get in because I changed the locks. All your things are in the shed out back. Oh and guess what? I even threw in the bed you ****** her in as a “**** You” gift. Don’t worry about apologizing because this is the best thing you could have done for me and you. For that, I say “Thank You!” Don’t call me, EVER! I would tell you to go kill yourself, but that wouldn’t be nice. So instead…… Awwwww, **** it! Go kill yourself.


    The next few days I simply did nothing. I stayed home most of the day watching T.V. and becoming one with myself. I even went to the gym and worked out. I had called Valencia on Wednesday and asked her if she wanted to have lunch. She agreed. We met at Applebee’s and I bought her up to par of what happened over the last couple of days. She was stunned that I actually got rid of Airon. The whole Rico situation didn’t surprise her at all. After we finished up with lunch, Valencia headed back to her office and I headed to my office to check up on things.
    My real estate office was still intact. My agents were actually selling a lot of property and houses in the past few weeks. I stayed at the office closing deals and going over leasing agreements until five o’clock. I decided that I would go back to work tonight. Another lonely night at home was not in my agenda. Valencia had plans on working late tonight and Rico was going to spend time with his son.
    I headed home and showered before going to Passions. Bruce and Bruno looked happy to see me. They asked if I had been spending all my time at the office this week. I told them yeah. I walked in and went to the dressing room to change. The club was semi-packed even for a Wednesday night. I hadn’t been on the floor for five minutes before the DJ introduced me to the audience. I climbed the stairs and walked on stage adjusting my tits as the music began playing. I started to grind my hips against the pole to the rhythm of the music. Normally, my mind would drift off while I’m on stage because I hated being in front of a lot of people. I danced my usual routine while flirting with the regulars who were seated around the stage drinking themselves into oblivion. While I was dancing, mid-way through my first song the door open and a little bit of natural sunlight crept behind this distinctive and attractive gentleman. He walked in and headed straight to the bar for a drink. My eyes were glued on him the whole entire time as if I was in a trance. The guy sitting in the front was trying to get my attention so I could give him some attention. After a few minutes of shaking my *** in his face and letting him catch a feel or two, I stood up and walked to the pole. I began to climb the steel cold ****, flipping around at the top and slowly twirling down to the bottom. The whole time while my legs gripped the pole tightly keeping me from falling, there was this essence that was commanding my attention from the corner of the room.
    As the second song was coming to an end, I watched as he turned away each girl that approached him. His index finger traced the rim of the glass over and over ad his eyes piercingly looked me up and down making me feel extremely nervous. This is the only man that has ever mad me nervous since I started dancing. Just before the song ended, I watched as he slowly approached the stage oozing sexiness and a confident swagger. He placed a piece of paper around a hundred dollar bill and set it on the stage and walked out the door. Just as the door closed the DJ was announcing the next dancer to come to the stage. I collected my money and headed toward the dressing room.
    Once in the dressing room I counted my tips which equaled two-hundred and forty-seven dollars, plus a note from the delicious piece of ***. I unfolded the crumbled paper and read the note to myself. It simply said:

    Have dinner with me.
    Tomorrow at 7.
    Royale Restaurant on Ocean View Blvd.
    Next to the automatic fountains
    See you then.

    I folded the paper back up and placed it in my bag before freshening up and heading back out to work the floor. At the end of the night I made over thirteen- hundred dollars. I slipped in a pair of sweat pants and threw on a t- shirt and headed out the club to my ride. Like always Bruce and Bruno walked me to my car and I gave them fifty dollars each and a kiss on the cheek. I jumped in my car and headed home to get some sleep.
    I woke up to the annoying beeping sound of my alarm clock going off. I had only had about four and a half hours of sleep. I sat up in bed and felt around for the remote to turn on the T.V. just to have some noise in the house while I got ready for work. I rolled out of bed and walked to the kitchen to put on a pot of coffee before taking a hot shower. It was 8:30 by the time I finished showering, brushing my teeth, and doing my hair. I walked into the room and opened up the closet door to figure out what I was going to wear. I decided on the black pin striped pants suit with a pink camisole under the jacket. It took all of fifteen minutes before I stood in the mirror glancing over myself. I eluded confidence, which was exactly the look I was going for. I slipped on the pink pumps and grabbed my purse before turning the T.V. off in the room. I headed into the kitchen, made me a cup of coffee and headed to the office for a long day of work.
    I pulled up in the parking lot of Hudson Realty around 9:15. I walked into my office and there were piles and piles of paper work and folders on my desk. I guess this is what happens when you don’t come to work for a week straight. I sat down at my desk and began going through the portfolios of agent’s deals and closing contracts. By 9:30, the office was already hectic and busy. The phones were ringing off the hooks and most of my agents were out showing houses to potential buyers.
    Suddenly there was a knock on my door. The young lady slipped her head in, “You have a call on line four, Ms. Hudson.”
    “Thank You Lisa” I said before she closed the door.
    “I picked up the phone and answered “Good morning, Hudson Realty. This is Skyy Hudson speaking how may I help you?”
    “Hey Miss Lady” the deep sultry voice said on the other end of the phone. I immediately knew who it was.
    It was Dairen Lowe. He has been my main client since I’ve entered the real estate business. Matter of fact, it was he who I sold my first house and raw land to that got me started and made a name for myself. Working with Dairen is difficult, but well worth it.
    “Hey Dairen, what can I do for you now?”
    “Nothing you can’t handle. I just need to buy some property” he calmly stated.
    “What kind of project you got going on now that you need property?” I asked.
    “Well, I want to open up a club and all I need is a building for it” he said.
    “Okay, sounds easy. So, what’s the catch?” I asked.
    “You know me too well. Honestly, I didn’t want to open the club in Miami” he said hesitantly.
    “If not Miami, then where Dairen?” I asked nervously.
    “Atlanta” he stated as if he was proud of the moment.
    “But I know nothing about Atlanta” I responded in disbelief.
    He gave a slight chuckle and said “You will.”
    “Why didn’t you get someone in Atlanta to do this?”
    “Because I told you from day one, I deal with you and no one else. I’ll look out for you, if you look out for me. Anyone looking to buy anything I refer them to you. You’re the only person I trust with any of my investments and you have the gift to see the value and potential of a property. That’s why I came to you.”
    “Okay, so what are my numbers looking like?”
    “You know money isn’t an issue with me. Oh yeah, there’s a few other things you should know. I want to close this deal by Tuesday evening” he replied.
    “But that isn’t even a week” I whined back.
    “I know, but you’re the best. I’m not going to be able to fly in and look at the property because I’m in Chicago on business, so this is all you” he stated. I felt nervous and happy all at the same time.
    “I’ll have photos and the virtual tour of the property sent to you by Saturday night so you can agree on it and Monday I’ll fax you a copy of the contract for you to sign.” I said before he rushed me off the phone due to another important business call. I hung up the phone and sulked down in my leather chair to clear my head for a few minutes.
    I called Rico and asked him to have lunch with me. He agrees to meet me at The Steakhouse on Sunset Avenue at noon. As noon was approaching I straightened up my desk and told Lisa that I was going out to lunch and wouldn’t be back until Wednesday or Thursday morning. “If anyone calls, give them my cell phone number” I told her. She replied with a nod of the head as she continued to answer the phones.
    I pulled up at The Steakhouse at exactly noon. Rico was waiting by the door. He looked extra sexy today I thought as I walked toward him and he slipped his arm around my waist pulling me towards him. We sat down and ate out lunch before I asked him to do me a favor.
    “Sweetie, I need you to do me a big favor this weekend” I said while I played footsy and gave him a devilish grin.
    “What’s that?” he asked.
    “I need you to fly with me to Atlanta and take photos to set up a virtual tour of a piece of property that I must buy by this Tuesday. So what is it going to cost me?” I asked.
    He replied “My usual fee of five hundred dollars and some me and you time” while running his hand up my thighs. I playfully slapped his hand away and called the waiter for the bill. The waiter bought us the bill, I paid and left a tip on the table before we got up and left.
    He walked directly behind me trying to cover the hard-on that was brushing up against my *** with each step. He walked me to my car and rearranged himself before walking to get in his car. I agreed to meet back at my house to break my new bed in before leaving to go to the airport. I told him I would call and let him know what time our flight was. On the way home I called the airport and booked our flight and then I called the Hyatt to book our hotel room for the next few days. I called Rico and told him our flight left and nine o’clock. He said that he would be over at around two o’clock before hanging up the phone.
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    nice story line here keep it coming