Black Short Stories : Skyy Hudson Chapter One


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Sep 16, 2007
Chapter 1
Skyy Hudson

I had arrived home about a quarter to four. I fumbled with my keys trying to get the door unlocked. I walked in and slipped off my shoes. My feet were aching and every muscle in my thighs burned. My head was throbbing, but I couldn’t tell if it was from the sleep that was slowing clouding my vision or whether I and Paul had too many blows to the head. I slowly peeled out of my clothes and turned the water on in the shower. I pulled back the shower curtain and stuck my hand under the water making sure it wasn’t too hot. I stepped in the shower and the steam engulfed every inch of me relaxing my tightened muscles. My mind went through the traditional replay of events that happened earlier this evening. As the water fell upon my skin, I tried to wash away the many nameless faces that grabbed my *** and stuffed sticky bills between me and the string of a G. I tried to drown out the remains of Mary Jane and Newport that was left in the follicles of my hair and scrub away the numerous ******* I’ve crossed because we all shared the same center of attraction. Still it seems like no matter how much I wash, how long I drown or how hard I scrub there’s always that one nameless face, that last short in a box, and that ***** you hated to cross. I turned the water off and stepped out of the shower. I stood in front of the steam covered mirror. I watched the tiny beads of water roll down my body as my mind slipped back to reality. I wrapped myself in a large black linen towel, opened the bathroom door and walked into the bedroom. I pulled back the sheets before letting the towel fall to my feet and sliding between the covers. I rolled over to snuggle with the man the I’ve called home for the past couple of years looking for some type of embrace or caress, but receive nothing just like any other night. I should have known the only caress I would receive is that of a bar of soap that has seen and felt more than he has in the past few weeks. I rolled over on my side as an ocean formed in my eyes and a river flowed down the side of my face and landed in the valleys of my pillows. I fell asleep to the crashing sound of my worlds colliding.

I woke up to the vibrations of my cell phone. It was my mother calling and her voice was the last thing I wanted to hear this morning. I glanced over at the clock, it was already after eleven. I decided to get up and fix something to eat before going out and running my errands. I kicked the covers off me and climbed out of bed. I walked over to the dresser and put on a pair of sweat pants and a black beater. The house was freezing cold and a mess. There were dirty clothes thrown all over the place, dirty dishes were stacked up in the sink and the trash was over-flowing. I went ahead and started cooking before attempting to clean anything. I washed the dishes, cleaned off the cabinets, took the trash out and mopped the floor. I headed to the living room and my girl Valencia was sitting on the couch watching Spongebob.
“How long have you been here?” I asked.
“Not too long about five or ten minutes. What have you been up to?” she asked.
“Nothing just trying to clean up and fix me something to eat.”
“So you still with that trifling ***** I see. Got his **** thrown all over your living room.”
“Who Airon?” I asked.
“Ain’t that the only ********** who you lay beside and leaves you ****less at night? Got you calling me talking about you horny and ****.”
“When you gonna get you a good man, Skyy? One of those God-fearing ********** your mama is hounding you about?”
“Airon’s good.”
“Good? Airon? To who?”
“Me.” I replied.
“Hold up! We talking about Airon? Your Airon? The light-skinned, dread head ********** that don’t help you pay rent, ride all the gas out in the cars and then ***** about them being on “E”. Eat all the food, but won’t go grocery shopping. God forbid you buy Heinz ketchup instead of Hunts or Ball Park Instead Of Oscar Myers and he’s ready to beat your ***, but he’s a good man huh?”
“Yeah, well, I mean at first he was great. He did everything a boyfriend should do and more. He spoiled me, took me out every Sunday night, cooked me breakfast in the mornings and even gave good head. Now it’s like, why even bother.”
“Look girl, we all know he had the Midas touch, turned your ***** into gold, nutted diamonds and what not; but some **** you just need to let go.”
“I know, but I can’t. I don’t want to be alone. I have to have someone that holds some type of significance.”
“So get a ******* dog. It’s a whole lot cheaper. Plus if you’re always with someone, and Mr. Right do come along you could never give him a chance because you’re always with Mr. Wrong.”
“Well, I can’t just throw him out, that’ll be mean.”
“Yes the hell you can. Simply tell him he has until the end of tomorrow to get his **** out of your house or you’ll throw it out. It’s not being mean; it’s more like….. You’re moving on to bigger and better thing that you truly deserve. And on that note, I’m leaving. I got better **** to do than to sit up in this house and play Dr. Phil with your hardheaded *** all day long telling you **** you already know. Besides, I need to go to the office. I do have a magazine to put out this month.”
“Alright Valencia, I’ll call you before I go to work.”
“Call me after too, so I know you made it home okay.”
I followed Valencia to the door and walked her to her car. I walked back towards the house as she drove off thinking about everything she said.
I finished cleaning the rest of the house and ate my hamburger and fries that I had cooked. I jumped in the shower, dried off, brushed my teeth, and did my hair. I put on a pair of light blue jeans pants with a black tank top and a pair of flip-flops before grabbing my purse and keys and heading out the door. I had about two and a half hours to do everything I needed to do before going to work. I drove downtown to pay the electric, phone, and gas bill then I stopped by the bank to make my weekly deposit before returning home. I went to the mall to pick up a couple of outfits just to spoil myself, since that half-*** man of mine wasn’t. The whole ride home I was trying to find away to tell Airon that he has to start helping me out or he has to pack his **** and get out of my house. I had went over and over rehearsing what I was going to say to him until I pulled up in the drive-way, turned the car off, grabbed my bags and jumped out the car.
When I walked in the house, Airon was in the kitchen cooking dinner. It smelled like steak and potatoes which was my favorite. Airon came over and helped me with my bags and told me to take a seat at the dining room table. I walked in the dining room and the table was set for two with candles lit in the shape of a heart at the center of the table. I felt awful for even thinking about asking him to pack up his things. I pulled out my chair and took a seat as Airon walked in carrying two plates. He placed my plate in front of me and gave me a kiss on the cheek before asking me how my day went.
“My day has been fine. I went into town to pay a couple of bills and did a little bit of shopping, just my usual Friday routine. Can I ask why the lovely dinner Hun?”
“Skyy, baby, I know I’ve been being a little distance, but a lot of things has been on my mind and I’ve been trying to figure out ways to handle the situation without bring you into it. So I decided to cook you dinner before you went to work tonight as an apology. I was going to clean up and surprise you, but when I came home I had seen it was already done.”
We ate dinner by candle-light and talked about past memories of our relationship and future endeavors. We finished dinner round 4:30 and Airon washed the dishes while I got ready to head off to “Passions”. It was a military pay day plus it’s the weekend so I knew I would be making an easy grand or two tonight.
I pulled up in the parking lot of “Passions” and hopped out of my ride. I walked towards the two-story brick building with my bag in my hand. Bruce and Bruno were already standing at the door. Bruce and Bruno are the two sexiest twins I’ve ever seen. Bruce was a little bit taller than Bruno. That’s the only way I could tell them apart. They were 6”2, 227lbs (all muscle), dark-skinned with a Colgate smile and dimples on each end of their sexy grins. They both had “Mr. Thomas” tattooed on their neck. They wore the usual attire to work the door, which were gray slacks with a white button up dress shirt and a gray and red striped tie along with their flashy accessories.
“Hey, how ya’ll doing?” I asked as they both opened the door for me.
“We’re fine Skyy, just glad to see your sexy ***.” They replied in unison.
“Make that money baby!” they yelled out as I walked in the club.
I headed to the dressing room to put on what little clothes I had packed in my bag. The dressing room was very hectic; each girl was in there going through their daily rituals before hitting the stage. I went ahead and stripped out of my common clothes and lotion up before putting on a black G-string that was trimmed in red along with a matching corset. I pulled my stilettos out of my bag and slipped my feet into each one, the left first than the right. I laced each one up which tied up at the middle of my thick thighs. I stepped into a tight pair to see-thru boy shorts before starting on my make-up. I simply lined my lips and put on a little bit of lip gloss. Then I lined my eyes with black eye-liner to give me a more smoldering sexy look. I watched as Skyy slowly vanished under the make-up and Mirage came to life. I sprayed on some “Sex on the Beach” before zipping up my bag and placing it in the locker. I took one last glimpse of myself before taking a deep breath and walking out on the floor.
I stepped out of the dressing room and headed straight to the bar. I had me a couple of shots of Jack Daniels not to mention the glass of E & J I sipped on all the way here. I sat at my usual table and watched my competition along with the many men whose wallets I would be getting into before the end of the night. I called Valencia before actually starting to pursue anybody to let her know I was at work and what Airon had did for me earlier. I hung up with her after about five minutes. I stood up pushed in my chair and walked over to the table full of men and sat on the ugliest ***** lap.
“How ya’ll sexy men doing tonight?”
“We’re doing fine. My man Chris is getting married tomorrow, so we thought we would bring him out here to see some *** and titties that’ll he’ll never get.” The man in the blue shirt said as he gulped down his beer.
“That sounds fair enough. Well, how about you boys buy Chris a lap dance for his special occasion?” I asked while seductively licking my lips and rubbing on his chest.
“Sure, why not?”
Each man pulled out Twenty dollars and dropped it in the middle of the table. “This should cover three songs for Chris and a lap dance for each one of you” I said as I slowly stood up. I collected the money and folded it in the string around my thigh and placed a rubber band on the end of it, before grabbing Chris by the hand and leading him to one of the private booths. As we walked away his boys rooted for him.
Over the next couple of hours I gave out about fifteen to twenty lap dances and been on stage over twenty-five times. The club closed at three o’clock. I went into the dressing room to put back on my common clothes and a pair of furry black house shoes because my feet were killing me. After I had gotten dressed I walked over to the bar to give Teddy his Twenty dollar tip out and then headed to the parking lot. Bruce and Bruno walked me to my car, making sure no crazy men from the club tonight were waiting on me to walk out. I gave Bruce and Bruno both Forty dollars and a kiss on the cheek before jumping in my car and heading home to my baby.
I turned out the parking lot of Passions and drove down University Avenue which took me straight to the expressway. I did about seventy-five all the way home. I pulled up in the drive way around 3:45, hopped out of the car and walked in the house. When I entered the house, I could smell candles burning and the smell of Cinnamon filled the air. There was soft music playing in the bedroom. I figured Airon had another surprise for me. I quietly tip-toed down the hall to our bedroom and slowly opened the door only to find my surprise~ Airon with some other *****. Without a single word, I watched. I watched as she sat on top of him naked, while he lay in only his boxers. She ran her tongue across his ear, and he smiled and she continued. She kissed him passionately as if they been together forever. Her kisses moved from his lips, to his neck, then down his chest to his stomach. She stopped and ran her tongue around his belly button while she removed his boxers. Her hand played with his ****, which continued to grow harder with each flick of her tongue. She lifted her head slowly, smiled a devilish grin. She licked the tip of his head. I saw his body shake. “Ummmm.” He said slowly. She was playing with him and he enjoyed it. She took it in more, inch by inch until his whole **** was in her mouth. She bobbed up and down slowly, while twisting her head when she came back up. She spitted on the head while working her saliva down his throbbing ****. Her hand squeezed it softly and tickled the head with her tongue ring. I sat there watching my man get his **** sucked by some other *****. I was mad and yet, I couldn’t move.
Airon flipped her over so that she was on her back. He worked his way from the bottom up. He started with her ankle kissing it slowly then slowly he kissed her calf and made his way to her thigh. He worked his tongue in circles. He opened her legs to their full capacity and begun to lick her the way he use to lick me. He flicked his tongue quickly across her ****. I watched her arch her back in pleasure. I knew the feeling all too well. She licked her lips and pinched her nipples. He took his hand and spread her ***** lips and ran his tongue up and down. She loved it. Finally, I couldn’t take anymore. I walked down the hallway towards the kitchen. My eyes were quickly filling up with tears. I shuffled around the kitchen looking for Airon set of keys. I found them underneath the dish towel. I grabbed his keys and my purse and headed out the door.
I closed the door behind me as I quickly walked to my car. I got in and slammed the door and started him up. I backed out the drive-way and sped off down the street. I slammed on brakes when I came to the stop sign. I sat there and just cried for a few minutes before debating whether to go to my girl Valencia’s or my ***** Rico’s. Just as another car pulled up behind me, I pulled off and took a right and headed over to Rico’s.
Rico has been my ***** for the past twelve years. No matter what may happen he has always been there for me. Many nights he has been that shoulder to cry on when Valencia was out of town or just plain ******* her flavor of the month. He’s been ****** me down when I needed it. He is about 5’6 and has little man syndrome. He was as arrogant as they came. I guess that’s why I liked being around him. He made sure that everyone knew that the world revolved around him. He had a low brush cut and the complexion of melted semi-sweet chocolate, which defined every muscle in his body. He kept in a little nose ring with a stud in each ear. He wasn’t a pretty boy, but he sure was sexy.
My mind flashed back to the last time Rico and I ******. We were over at his place arguing about the photo’s he had taken of me for a print ad that was going in Valencia’s May magazine issue of Love and Lust. I thought the pictures that he had taken were all wrong. I didn’t like my make-up, the angles he shot of me or my poses. Rico being the photographer that he is thought everything was perfect. After arguing for almost forty-five minutes, he finally got me to shut-up by kissing me. Just replaying the scene over in my head was making me horny. The pictures he took after we ****** ended up in the magazine. They were the best yet. Natural and glossy-eyed from pleasure. Who would have thought? Before I knew it I was pulling up in Rico’s drive way.
I hopped out the car and walked up to Rico’s apartment trying to find my key to let myself in. I couldn’t find Rico’s house key so I started banging on his door. I heard Rico’s voice on the other side of the door yell “Who the **** is it?” I simply replied “Skyy.” Rico swung the door open, “What the hell is your problem, banging on my door four o’clock in the **** morning like you crazy? What if I was in here ******* some *****?” he asked me as I walked in behind him and closed the door.
“Like I’m crazy? ***** I am crazy and you know that. I also know that you ain’t in here ******* some ***** because you **** ******* at their place so they won’t stalk your *** later.” Rico looked at me and shook his head before walking in his room.
“I’m surprised your even home, Why you ain’t out doing your ****** runs for tonight?” I asked in a teasing manner while following him to his room.
“I lost my mojo” he replied before hurling a pillow at my head.
“You didn’t lose your mojo. I see it just fine from here” I said as I duck to keep the pillow from hitting me in my face.
“Why are you over here anyways Skyy?” He asked.
“Well, when I got home tonight, Airon had some ***** sucking his **** in my bed. Not to mention he had his tongue on her in places his hands hasn’t even been on me in weeks.” I replied as I jumped into Rico’s bed. “Plus, I’m horny” I stated.
“Shouldn’t you be at Valencia’s crying and eating Ben & Jerry’s Cookie –N- Cream ice cream and watching reruns of Girlfriends?”
“Uhhhhh, No! Valencia would’ve given me the “I told you so” lecture and I don’t want to hear it. I just need a place to crash for tonight until I throw Airon out of my house and some good ****” I said as I traced my finger tips slowly down his eight packs and under the elastic in his boxers. He grinned and flipped me over on my back. The next few hours would be filled with pleasure and nuts on top of nuts.


The next afternoon I woke up lying next to Rico with his arms wrapped around me and the sheets tangled amongst our naked bodies. I gave him a soft kiss on the cheek before sliding out of his embrace. I grabbed a tall tee that was hanging over the bed post and put it on before walking outside to my car to get my purse and cell phone. I walked back inside and sat down on the sofa and turned the T.V. on before looking at my miss calls. Airon had called seven times, sent five text messages and left four voicemails. His text messages basically summed up to: “Where are my keys?” and his messages he left he sounded very frustrated and pissed because he couldn’t find his keys and he didn’t know where I was at or why I didn’t come home last night. Valencia called just as I was about to call Airon. I ignored her call and sent it to voicemail so I could call Airon dumb ***. Airon’s cell phone went straight to his voicemail so I hung up and called the house. No one answered. So I said **** it and put my phone on vibrate. Eventually he’ll call back. I turned the T.V. off and went back to bed with Rico.
Rico and I finally go out of bed at four o’clock. We decided to rent movies and order pizza and just chill today. He asked me what I was going to do about Airon. I truly didn’t know what revenge I was going to take out on his ***, but I knew tomorrow his **** will be out of my house.


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