Black Poetry : Skillz Challenge- Coffee Mantra...


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Mar 17, 2001
Minneapolis, MN
Director, Community Employment Strategies
Here's my 'self challenge' ... whatcha'll think??....

A cup of black joe before I go
keep on stirrin' it up
lookin' deeper and deeper into this cup
seeking a fortune in this thick rich abyss
it sucks me in
swirls me around
and spits me out
with the sweetest grace
of dark chocolate
dipped vanilla
this cream creates refraction dreams
and in the midst I spill over
I'm feelin' like I need me some
stim-u-lation in the mornin
to get me movin'
My oral fixation
tastin' the sips of each addiction
that come croonin'
Coffee is a 'creature comfort'
and it distracts the fact
that I'm slavin'
ain't no misbehavin'
just survivin' not thrivin'
I felt my pulse quicken
coffee laced with vivarin
keeps my m-eye-nd spinnin'
but I'd much rather
like to revive and enliven
this tired body with a
natural high I'll be that LIVE
black woman walkin'...


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