Black Poetry : Skates on Frredom

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    Skates on Frredom

    Live corrupt ready to give up and quit the picture
    Even though have legit scriptures and right mixtures
    Can’ tlie down on jobs and try to clown slobs that do
    My hat off to cats that drop verses with stats and crew
    I wreck crap because I’m expected to rap a whole lot
    Play some ball in parks stay not far from walmart can’t stop
    Must shop, deft anticipation left waiting for a shopping cart
    HIP HOPPING smart through my earphones the music spark
    But this is a matter of first come first serve with the worse absurd
    Policies can hurt the qualities of a store, look in a pastorial way word
    Up on Memorial day soldiers died blood on our freedom I’m a thug
    But we need them also in battle to go rattle the vicinity no love
    For those trying to bring the US down blessed they’re around
    Soldiers are the foundation of this profound nation I’m renowned
    Look this Memorial day I planned it dumb now holding contraband
    Rum a man can get drunk off this junk quick, and can barely stand
    Crime not my invention and it’s time for me to mention that a fan
    At a convention now I come up to speak “to everyone the very gun
    You own may someday shatter your home this matter has shown no fun
    The gun nowadays are runways to self destruction and causes deft
    Interruptions in community relations so lets clean up our act with stealth
    Facts ad our street health can attack or families, sad to bury the young”
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    tru dat , it's sad to watch the youth of our communities die
    under the fire of a gun !