Black Muslims : Siyaam (i.e. fasting)..The Soul and Sole reason


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Mar 30, 2016
The Gratitude is for Allaah The Sustainer / Lord of The Universe and Peace on who follows The Guidance.
"There is no Might and no Power except by way of Allaah The Exalted, The Supreme".
The above statement was made and said constantly by The Prophet Mustafaa Muhammad Ahmad ibn Abd'Allaah (born year 570/received first Revelation of The Holy Qur'aan the year 610/ died 23 years later the year 632), The salutation(s) of Allaah and Peace be upon him.

The Holy Qur'aan chapter 2 verse 183 reads that Allaah has prescribed 'siyaam' for "you" as it was prescribed to those who came before 'you' ..that 'you' may learn 'self-restraint'. I highlight thw word 'you' to remind that The Holy Qur'aan is a Narration of information from Allaah to HIS chosen Prophet. Allaah informs Muhammad of the past. Past nations and past Prophets and messengers...and The Guidance Allaah has sent into the earth in the past. One of The Names of Allaah is The Witness ( Ash Shahiydu/Shaheedu ). Allaah Witnesses/Supervises/Guides HIS creation and created beings.
That which The Prophet learned of the past came from Allaah (i.e. Qur'aan or Juluws-sitting position of Salaah/worship), or speaking with The angelic being Jibraa'iyl (gabriel - peace upon you). There is a body of ahadiyth, recorded sayings of The Prophet Muhammad that are titled " Qudsi hadiyth" which means 'holy hadiyth'. These are things and matters that Allaah has said to Muhammad that act as a commentary by Allaah on The Revelation of The Holy Qur'aan. Qudsi hadiyth are the statements of Allaah that are not Qur'aan. These are things The Prophet Muhammad said that Allaah has said to him that are not apart of The Qur'aan.
There are 7 positions in the Salaat, the mode of worship to Allaah as practiced by all of The Prophets and messengers of Allaah. one of those positions is called 'juluws'. This word 'juluws' literally means 'to sit to have secrete/intimate conversation'. It is in this position that a muslim who is offering their worship and prayer to Allaah recites a conversation that occurred between Allaah and HIS Prophet. The name of this position is called "Juluws or the act of it is called " Jalsa". It is in this position that the slave of Allaah opens his heart to Allaah and speaks what is in it to Allaah. Not to inform Allaah, for Allaah knows all; but to CONFIRM the reality and atmosphere of the heart with the powers of Speech Allaah has bestowed upon the slave. This is the position in worship wherein one is ever mindful of the many gifts and powers that Allaah has bestowed upon the creature, to remind and confirm the self, while assuming a position, Jalsa, to approach The Presence of Allaah.
The sole purpose in fasting, willfully abstaining from food, drink, sexual activity etc.. is to change the contents of the mind, to empty it of wordly pursuits and ambitions... to break the mind of his habits and familiar thoughtways that, unchecked, essentially drives one into ill health and obscene behavior, criminal behavior and outright living as though The Creator does not exist and holds out guidance for our passage through this world and destination in the Other. Self restraint is a discipline, a practice. it is practiced by denying oneself what one could do. Take an example. If your brother smacks you, you have the right to smack him with equal force. but if you restrain yourself, it isn't so much that your brother gets a pass.... but the exercise in restraining yourself is building the strength of WILL. The strength of your will is all important and its exercise is through 'restraint'. there is no other way to engage the strength of the Will except through restraint. To give your brother a proper fade for smacking you, is the imposing of the Will, the Will taking its right, acting upon its right to exert itself. which is indeed lawful. But to restrain oneself opens the door to a power that is called Faith. Faith does not mean hope. The two have nothing to do with each other, though we use these words interchangeably and synonymous, so meaning gets lost and therefore application becomes void or unclear. its' not so much that giving your brother a pass means that you are saying within yourself, " Gods' gonna get you, or ' Ill leave it Gods' hands" . The reality is that all things are already in HIS Hands. It is your self restraint in peeling his cap that solicits The Presence of Allaah within the self. And The Presence of Allaah within The Heart and Mind is not a small thing.
In the "qudsi hadiyth" The Prophet Muhammad said that Allaah said to Him... " When My slave Trust/Relies/is Faithful to ME, I become his eyes with which he SEES, his ears with which he
HEARS, his hands with which he Grasps .."
Siyaam... is the practice of not only abstaining from food and drink. Siyaam imposes a pressure on the bodily organs the way sinking down into the depths of the ocean will apply the pressure/weight of the water upon the organs. if you sink down low enough you implode. if you journey into outer space without the proper suit, your body implodes. The organs collapse into themselves. The organ is drawing itself into its cellular nucleus. When you fast, the pressure of not eating and drinking causes the cell to fold into itself.. The folding into itself is what destroys toxins and bacterial matter and viruses that have aligned themselves on the cellular matter. so instead of your cells working on the meat in your belly it starts to eat the fat and toxins and bacterial matter...which cleans the cell, cleanses the operations of the molecules (respiration, regeneration, mutation), which cleanses the tissue, which cleanses the muscles and nerves and veins, which cleanses the organ proper, which cleanses yourSelf. The interstitial fluid and saliva of the body become medicinal, in its pristine and pure state. The less of the world you have in your body the more ready and easier your Mind and Heart and body to move in light and by way of it. The Messiah Jesus didnt 'walk' on water. He was walking on The Light which emanated from within his body. The Messiah Jesus Fasted and worshiped constantly and for this reason! Not only to remain healthy but to cause health for others and to teach them to cause health, to teach how to take comfort in the light. For Allaah is Light, it is one of HIS Names/Attribute. An Attribute of Allaah is a Name that has taken physical manifestation. Allaah is The SEER.... and HE created some creatures to have vision through their eyes , some through their skin and others through antennae..So HIS Name, Al Basiyru, The SEER/The One Who SEES all, is also an Attribute.

The less of the physical world that is in your body the more of The Light That Is Allaah, your Creator and mine, can come into your Body, THAT Light is seeking to interface with your soul, that which was blown into your parents sperm and ovum, while you were being fashioned in the womb.
Siyaam.... is the means by which every Prophet that has walked the earth has achieved Light. Through that achievement, it generated a power, the mental power and emotional power to withstand communication from Allaah. In Hadiyth:
The Prophet said that he asked the angelic being Jibraa'iyl (gariel- peace upon you) " have you seen your Lord? The Angel replied..there are 70 veils of Light between Your Lord and His Angels. When Allaah created Israa'fiyl (i.e. the angel created to blow the horn signalling The Judgement Day) He created his feet at the line of light. Should He move at all toward the light he would be consumed and destroyed.." that is a paraphrase of the hadiyth. And Allaah knows best concerning His Angels and His Light.

when astronauts and deep sea divers prepare for their activity, they both must be mindful of what is in there bellies and bloodstream . The pressure of 'no gravity' imposes great force upon the body. Siyaam,fasting, is that same force upon the body yet it is controlled and its purpose is to not only cleanse the body but prepare the mind/heart for communication with The Most communication I mean, That Allaah will disclose HIMSELF, open your Mind to a degree of his Presence within the world and within your self. This is why The Prophet Muwsaa (Moses) was taught, " take no other than ME for worship " or " Thou shalt have no other gods before ME " It isn't that there are other gods. There are not. But men are misled and mislead others into taking for worship or soliciting for power things that breathe. If it breathes it cannot be Allaah for Allaah does not breath, nor eat nor drink nor sit nor sleep nor have sex. Allaah is not human nor carries human attributes; but humans carry the attributes of Allaah to the degree Allaah has Willed.
Siyaam is the means by which the body heart and mind are brought into perfect alignment...and if Guided by The Words of Allaah and The Remembrance of Allaah and the practice of this discipline by The Prophets of Allaah , The Most High Responds to this. In the 'qudsi hadiyth' The Prophet Muhammad is recorded to have said that Allaah has said : Fasting is For Me and I reward for it... Paraphrase.
Fasting is a secrete act of obedience. No one knows if you are fasting unless you announce it. And ONLY Allaah knows if you are truly abstaining from what HE has instructed. Fasting is an invisible act of obedience: the absence of food and drink in the belly, the heat and pressure of hunger and thirst, Allaah is evermindful of This. The Prophet Muhammad is recorded to have said that
"... the offensive breath of a fasting slave of Allaah ... is like sweet perfume to Allaah...". If we can learn to approach Allaah in the way HE has instructed us to do, The levels of power experienced by The Prophets are open to us. Did not The Messiah Jesus say that " these things and even greater, ye shall do? The Prophet Muhammad said, " On the last Day there will be some with there light so bright and illustrious that the Prophets will even question, ' who are these'.. they will be answered, " these are slaves of Allaah (inmates of the earth) who were faithful to what Allaah HAD SENT down into the earth.. The Prophets will be envious of them ".

There is a space between each heart beat, There is a space between each inhalation and exhalation of breath. It is a very small span of Time between the happening of a heart beat and the happening of breathing In and Out... That space we call frequency. It marks the frequency/flow of the light, electrical current, which causes the heart to beat and the lungs to operate: expand and contract. There is a dimension of space/time in between our own physical operations of the body.. notice how you ' catch your breath' when engaging in something exciting... or your heart "skips a beat".... These physiological realities are windows into a power that not only allows for cellular regeneration and health, but if your conscious mind can be maintained, the soul and its power can truly move into the systems of the body, the blood flow of the body, the very skin of the the light that surrounds a pregnant woman, a woman carrying life in her body; if you look closely, you can see the illumination the radiation. It is not caused by happiness over 'being with child'. The radiation is caused by every cell in her body yielding to the weight of light being assembled in her womb by her genes. She is , her cellular self, is being held in The Grip of Allaah as life is Fashioned in her womb. One of The Names of Allaah is " Al Musawwiru " The One Who Fashions/Forms. Al Khaaliqu, The Creator. Al Baari'u, The Bestower of Shape. Al Muqiytu, The Feeder. Al Matiyn, The Firm....A pregnant woman is deeply involved in a process of being connected to Allaah, whether she is conscious/mindful of this or not.
The word for 'self restraint' comes from the arabiyyah " Taqwa ". Generally this word translates to "fear". But fear as in, " what is in your mind fills all of your mind and commands all of your attention "... like walking down a street and hearing a vicious dog that doesn't sound to be chained up.. this is fear of getting attacked, but look at the attention and concentration of the mind!! it would be hard to take the mind from the idea of being eaten by a dog. The mind "holding on" to that thought, is " Taqwa ". Fasting has been prescribed to us That we may learn " Taqwa of Allaah". Learn how to interface our heart with Faith in Allaah...hunger and thirst, the feeling of an unfulfilled desire (frustration/disappointment).... this sense of emptiness and mental anguish... if we learn to substitute/change/evolve this with " Taqwa Allaah " this is an opening to a degree of Faith that only Allaah can make you understand and appreciate and look forward to. Siyaam, is the means by which the mental and emotional and physiological processes of the self are brought into a harmony that connects with the body's true abilities and powers... to be governed by the power of your Thought. The Prophets enjoyed this Near Approach, to The Presence of Allaah. To be able to Keep Allaah in Mind and discover The Presence of Allaah , no matter where they went. self restraint in this world makes for The souls' trajectory on the conveyance of Light. but indulgence, obesity, gluttony brings into the body bad health and distorted, unfocused thoughts obsessions, stupidness and dis-ease.
Fasting, Siyaam... is an act of obedience that is secrete and Allaah rewards and awards openly for it. It is The only act of Obedience that is specifically designed to worship Allaah, Glorify Allaah through ones body. Prayer and worship are all selfish means and accesses to Allaah.. we satisfy ourselves through these honorable means and activity. But abstaining from Food and drink is the means by which Allaah may access you!! It allows for HIs Light to flow into you unimpaired, free of of the scent of the world. How can The Light of Allaah visit one who is full of food and drink, steak or burgers etc. your mind is lazy and slow, your will is deflated etc... hunger and thirst makes the soul sit up and pay attention...makes the level of concentration intense, in-tense...In the perfect present tense of NOW..Siyaam, Fasting is how Allaah may arrest your attention and guide and love and be merciful to you with you learning how to be grateful for all we are conscious of and unconscious of.
notice how we arrest the world and the things in it...seeking to fulfill desires and ambitions etc... we approach Allaah when we need help or forgiveness etc... Fasting Allows Allaah to arrest you and rejuvenate you, re-align you, cleanse you, show mercy to you with a sense of you paying attention. Your hunger and thirst will help you pay attention to The One Who Provides food and water upon the earth. Fasting, a secrete act of obedience and Allaah knows best Who is Fasting.
O you muslims, if Ive said anything incorrect please correct me. If Ive said anything suspect please question it, make your brother qualify the statements he is making. I seek refuge in Allaah from shaytaan The cursed and any who follow it. The word 'shaytaan' means 'a thing of clay. The descendants of Adam and Hawa (Eve) are of clay, yet we are/have "soul", whereas Shaytaan does not. Shaytaan is hot about that and hates Adam and his children and wishes to prove to Allaah that we are unworthy of such a Thing. Yet Allaah knows best concerning HIS creations. To you be peace

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