Support : Site Closing for Maintenance - Beginning 4/18/15 @ 9 pm ET

Jan 22, 2001
betwixt and between
Website Consultant
Peace and Blessings Family,

I'll be working on the site beginning at 9 pm ET tonight.

I don't know how long we'll be down ... i'm sure we'll be back up by sunrise ... :pc:

Brother OldSoul's class starts at 12 Noon ET @ desteelive and we gotta be back before then ... :tv1:

We've always come back after times like these ... and i'm trusting we will this time too ... :jam:

If you have any questions please ask.

Much Love and Peace.




Permanent Black Man
May 16, 2002
Bronzeville USA
Staying Alive
I'll be standing by - ret ta go...:)..vIThe Vault is our new FOIA Library, containing 6,700 documents and other mediaII

Jan 22, 2001
betwixt and between
Website Consultant
All appears to have gone well ... :toast1:

If you see something different, it's probably new ... or broke ... :wink:

I've been up all night and will try to document things for you all later.

One thing for sure though ... is that our chat room should work now ...

I have been able to get in successfully and whatever troubleshooting is needed, downtime is not required.

If you see something that looks broke or out of order post in this thread and let me know.

If you have any questions let me know that too.

Love You!



Jan 22, 2001
betwixt and between
Website Consultant
Peace, sis. Des:):),

I have a question: I noticed now an American flag next to my posts & on my profile page, etc., while other members do not necessarily have a flag near their names next to posts, and on their profile pages, etc. Is their a way that that flag could be removed from the areas of my info that I cited? because I do not like the suggestion suggested by the appearance of me having an American flag next to my name while everyone else does not have a flag next to their name. It appears as though I am some particular favorer of American government policy and I am not a particular favorer of American government policy.

Peace & Blessings to you.
Bro. ABM1977

Peace and Blessings Brother Broham.

Country Flags ... based on one's IP ... which can suggest the country they are in ... and adding that country's flag ... is all that is happening. It is not meant to suggest that you have particular favor regarding the country in which you might probably reside.

It's really more of a conversation starter (it's proving its self successful already), more of a way for us to kinda sorta maybe get to know one another better, in as broad a way as thinking we know the country in which one resides, might do. I think it will be especially kewl for those who are in Ghana, the UK, Barbados, Haiti, etc., getting to see their country flags and get to know them better and take full advantage of what the Internet provides ... global connections.

The country flags are a new feature and the reason you are one of the few displaying a flag yet, is because you're one of the few who have posted since the site's been back up, since i actually added the feature. As folk post, they too will have their country flag displaying (probably).

Anywho ... let's give it a chance.

Much Love and Peace.



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