Black Women : Sisters use no shampoo,s with alcohol and to much stuff in it..

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    hi beautifull souls

    Just an inportent call fo the hair ...i have already put it in the

    health topic...

    maybe for some of you its old and youve already heeard or know this :qqb009:

    but i just wanted to remember it..

    try to use shampoo with no alcohol in it or to must stuff like

    Bynzinicol, glyconiom ,chloride ,soride Opsricum.......

    i know that 60 procent of woman with Croes hair ..Croes means afro in Surinam ....has problem with heair breakage..

    besides the fact that ...

    we sumthimes destroy our hair ,by stress ,not eating vegetabless,the hot sun, , coloring it or relaxing ,or curly or ...

    not giving it air to breath by wave and exstentions.....

    we just have to know that even if we wear it natural ...

    we have to use as much as natural..product..

    please avoid the cemical stuff ok...

    a little tip to..

    cover it sumthimes to protect it for all kinds of wheathers.....

    co back to youre roots...