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    Hoteph Sisters And Brothers:

    Below is a message in its entirety the Chief Elder delivered at Temple
    University on the 7th of March.

    It is some what extensive but well worth the read, to those who might be



    Sister Temeko

    Executive Secretary

    Sankofa Repatriation Movement

    Sisters Defining Sisters

    True Sisters Are Hard To Find

    First let me commend the sisters for choosing such a much-needed theme, a
    topic that is way over due for discussion.

    Given the present social climate in America and to say it is no wonder,
    sisters have become confused about their role, not just in the confine of
    America society but also in the AfroDescendant family and extended family
    structure, as well as in Female, Male relationship, is saying a lot about
    the mental entanglement of sisters, victims of an immoral and hypocritical

    If you do not know your past, how can you understand the present and what is
    called the future is only an abstraction based on anticipation of Time yet
    to come.

    Therefore, the tense of Time the sisters has to contend with in attempting
    to define themselves correctly is Past and Present.

    So let us begin with the category of Time that gave cause to the sisters to
    have to realize, it is Time for them to be defined and the category of Time
    I am making reference to, is what the European refer to as Historical Time.

    But before I do let me briefly flash before the sisters, her present and
    past life.
    Sisters are presently the imitators of our oppressors, yes I am speaking
    about the queens of the earth, they lost the strength of their salt and if
    the salt has lost its taste, then it is good for nothing but to be thrown
    out, but in this case sisters must be defined accurately, by other than

    Sisters should not spend all of their Time attempting to be something they
    are not and that is, white and American but must remain Black in America.

    Sisters no longer respect themselves and the evidence of such a statement
    is how they are behaving toward each other and their man.

    Sisters prefer to be of the pigment of their oppressors, so the sister set
    out in an attempt to correct nature, she involve herself by bleaching her
    skin, viciously attacking her hair, changing her voice when she speak and
    imitating the white woman in character and behavior, such salt carry not the
    strength that nature has endowed her with.

    Now let us take a look at that salt when it had its entire flavor, such was
    the strength of the Sister life, she was the keeper of the gate of order and
    harmony, the sinew of the Black African Nation, when her salt was full

    Sisters were the flower of the earth, she had the glow of the early Sun
    Rise, the true sister had no inhibition about her place under the Sun, her
    locks waving and bowing to the command of the natural breeze, with that
    carbon pigment, shining as the beauty of a mid day Sun, with her possessing
    the strength capable of preserving the Black African Nation, now that was
    the sister when she had in her possession the full strength of her salt,
    capable of preserving the Black African Nation.

    Sisters defining sisters, never has there been a need for such sisterly
    action, than now.
    It is time for the sister to reacquaint herself with herself, because today,
    as she is, she is a stranger to herself and the Black Nation suffer from
    such strangeness.

    I am here to tell you my dear beloved beautiful Black diamond, sisters that
    you are, as you go, so go the Black African Nation.

    The more you polish the diamond the more it lose its strength, it is the
    diamond in the rough that maintain its taste and the more it is polished and
    refined, the more it become something other than itself, it may appear to
    hold its beauty and strength but the natural cover has been removed and what
    you see and get, is just an imitation of what was.

    So, let us take a look at you under the influence of our oppressor's

    Within the confine of history, a span of Time which has wrought havoc on the
    Black Woman, to the extent that she has lost all knowledge of herself, now
    such absent mind ness, is allowing someone other than the sister self to
    define her role in life and such a submission has caused sisters to become
    enmity between the sister and her man.

    Now such a disorderly relationship is capable of creating warring female
    ego against male warring ego and with the display of such mental behavior,
    will spawn a web of total confusion, entangling the sister, causing her not
    to know who she really is and what the sisters life should really be about.

    So let us take a more intense look at the germ that is causing the disease
    among sisters, thus causing sisters to have a need to define themselves,
    which is also creating an environment where by, true sisters are hard to

    Oral and written historical perspective about Afrodescendants women in
    America gender role is what seem to be causing an identity problem among
    sisters, thus causing sisters to have been unable to address certain
    critical issues about themselves objectively and it serve as evidence by
    sisters continued search for the mental space in which they can clearly
    articulate who they are as AfroDescendants women.

    To some extent, we can suggest, that these historical perspectives,
    unknowingly contribute to AfroDescendants women's confusion of their role
    and identities, by the distant and not so sisterly behavior sisters express
    toward each other.

    Indeed, sisters definition of self, as AfroDescendants women, from within
    the historical perspective, as sisters prioritizes western derived roles and
    identities of sisters, is injurious to the sisters health, mental health
    that is..

    Historical perspective serve more to confuse sisters identity rather than to
    clarify their identity, such a historical perspective serve to the sisters
    disadvantage when attempting to define themselves using such an umbrella.

    Any historical rendering of AfroDescendants women, leaves us with a (miss)
    understanding of the sister selves, because history, as evidence by the
    symbolism within the term (his- story ) can only dictate roles and
    identities based upon an oppressive patriarch historical consciousness.

    In other words, we have come to understand femininity to mean, motherhood,
    mate ship and other socially constructed roles and identities for sisters,
    as being based upon the confines of male defined, western historical derived
    and / or defined categorizations of the female gender.

    If the sisters, as the conference title suggest, are serious about defining
    and redefining themselves, then they must go beyond these historical
    perspectives and take a real look at themselves before the OPPRESSORS had a
    chance to enter our house, and sisters should begin to examine themselves
    from woman-centered pre-historical perspective which predates history, then
    they can rationally argue against these externally constructed historical
    perspectives used to define the sisters role in a society and / or family

    The purpose of this presentation, then, is to define sister's roles and
    identities from an ancient African woman - centered perspective.
    Sisters task begin with the examination of the Goddess within them.

    Historically the sisters have been and still is portraying themselves in
    according to the dictates of western European patriachical socio - economic,
    moral and religious values, which is in direct contradiction of the African
    prehistoric scio - economic, moral, and theological teaching.

    By sisters adhering to historical European values as pertain to the family
    structure, sisters have embraced the idea that Men are strong and women are
    weak, women are subordinate to men and always follow the guide of the male.

    Such historical misguidance also instruct the woman to play the role as
    servant to the man and to think of herself in term of being the better half,
    unequal to man, *******, hoes etc; and history teaches her that relationship
    is about giving to her man and not sharing with him and its about opposite
    and not differences, division and not unity, waywardness and confusion and
    not order and harmony.

    Such obedience to such a historical perspective will lead sisters to become
    confused about who she is and what her gender really represent.

    Under such a historical perspective, sisters lose all of the value of self
    worth, sisters have no thought of value and respect for the female gender
    and with them being with such a shallow mentality, soon they find cause to
    be wanting to imitate the male gender, she soon find herself being
    uncomfortable while becoming someone other than herself, as she find herself
    acting out the role designed for her by a patrichical societal family
    structure, designed and orchestrated by her male perverted oppressors.

    History teach her or shall I say, brain wash her to think in term of
    female, male relationship, that women should be independent from her man,
    also she feel she should embrace the call for women liberation from her man,
    using such misguided terms religiously, not realizing that such terms are
    not to be associated with her prehistoric nature but is well designed to
    cause her to be attempting to do to herself today, what is being alluded to
    in the theme of this conference, which is, sisters now see the need of
    defining sisters.

    There is no wonder sisters are in need of being defined and hopefully such
    knowledge will lead her to look realistically at herself from a prehistoric

    When sisters act out of character and allow so call modern age anti- nature
    Luciferian social theorist, define how relationships are to be developed,
    sisters find themselves opting to such concept as women liberation, single
    parent family concept and equality in opportunity instead of, duality in
    responsibility, mutual attraction and respect, partnership instead of
    competition with the other half of the gender equation, commonly referred to
    as male.

    Under such female affliction and distortion, such has caused the sisters to
    act out of natural gender character, not knowing that it is the sister
    prehistoric character which promote order, harmony and mutual attraction and
    dependency, one toward the other.

    But such natural character, being contrary to African sister gender
    behavior, is what cause sisters to act out of their natural base of gender
    behavior, as they are being influenced by a historical perspective, which
    have an unacceptable affect upon the African sisters female gender nature,
    which cause it to be very hard to find a sister who has become well defined
    and knowledgeable of herself and her role, in term of female, male, and
    family relationships.

    Now, let us take a look at sister's action and behavior prior to developing
    a historical perspective about herself. It is the matriachical social family
    structure that was natural in creating a respectful, attracting orderly and
    harmonious relationship, between the two gender Beings, one being in
    contrast to the other, yet equal, functioning in the role so designed by the
    power of nature and the environment, which created both genders of Beings,
    one to plant and one to produce, regarding procreation, those Beings are
    normally referred to, as Female and Male.

    They also performed other duties as was so agreed upon by both partners,
    which make up the nucleus family unit, causing both genders to become one
    when acting in unison with each other.

    The African sisters, prior to so call western civilization propaganda
    enticement upon our Black beautiful African sisters, they performed their
    role in accordance to a matriarch system of social and family order, with
    neither gender, female or male having any objection nor conflict with their
    assigned agreed upon roles and the society and family unit remained in
    balance with nature and with the orderly function of the Universe.

    Gender disrespect and derogatory name calling was not to be heard of.
    The woman and man was never in competition with the other and in such an
    environment there was provided the atmosphere to gain true knowledge about
    self, which in term enhanced the spirituality of both genders, which cause
    sisters to have no need to define themselves, they were totally in the know
    of who they are and the meaning of their life role as true self aware
    sisters, full of self confidence.

    In an environment where the Africans are in charge and they control their
    lives and establish the norm for their society, having the authority to
    determine the moral and theological tone for their society, in such a
    orderly and harmonious environment, Sisters have no need of having to define
    themselves, because such knowledge come natural, as it maintain itself.

    The sign of success of sisters defining themselves with the understanding of
    what it all mean, will compel the accurate redefined sisters to not allow
    anybody to disrespect the goddess of her Being and those degraded brothers
    and sisters, who prefer to address sisters as hoes, *******, sluts, etc; and
    those sisters who take pleasure in ripping the heart out of brothers by
    labeling them as good for nothing lazy weakling and run to something other
    than yourself of the male gender and make believe it is all about love, will
    no longer have a base to sound off such degraded ignorance.

    But now as it is, such sisters are hard to find.

    A true defined sister will have all of the self confidence in her gender
    assignment as mutually agreed upon by both genders of different bodily form,
    needing not to proclaim her independence nor lay claim to her liberation,
    such are tools of competition that lend itself to bring about enmity between
    the two genders, whose independence and liberation is all intrinsic within
    the action of unity and harmony between the two different genders, yet when
    in order, unity and harmony, the gap cease to be, between the two genders
    and they are as one in accordance to the way they were before the separation
    took place of them.

    Female, Male, were they joined together and Female, Male, must they become
    one again, in term of separate but equal, following the rule of law of the
    universe, understanding that all that God has created is interconnected,
    needing to maintain that oneness of connection in order to benefit from the
    knowledge the Universe so render to all, which cause all of God creation to
    maintain that Universal Oneness.

    Sisters of the Hue - Man Universe, you once served as that Star like entity,
    possessing the power that required and maintain such an attraction between
    her other different anthropomorphous part, moving each in their own sphere,
    yet one in their rotation on the oneness of their axis, as all others of the
    Hue - Man family, revolved around that Star Like Being, sisters and
    brothers, one with each other, as they shined out of the eastern part of
    this globe call planet earth.

    Sisters defining sisters? Please do, because without such lack of
    knowledge of the sister self, the world perishes from such ignorance, thus
    making a True Sister to be hard to find.

    It is the sister in whom all knowledge upon this planet should be about. It
    is the sister who hold the power of the Black Nation Liberation, she is the
    strength to the brother, she represent the door way to our peace and
    happiness upon this planet and yet the Black Nation suffer from such
    ignorance as we attempt to conform to the historical perspective of western
    / Arab civilization, as we abandon our own civilize culture of yester time,
    before the coming of evil into our house, the Black Nation and Therefore,
    now the world suffer from such sister, brother neglect of each other.

    When the sisters succeed in accurately defining themselves, the sign of such
    success, will be when the sisters begin to demand with one voice a true and
    respectful recognition of our Enslaved African Ancestors, which will come
    only when the perpetrators of the crime of Chattel Slavery, hear the voice
    of those descendants of the middle passage sisters, now referred to and
    recognized as AfroDescendants, demanding without shame, fear or
    apprehension, payment of a debt to our enslaved Africans Ancestors, for work
    and pain and suffering already endured and such payment must come in the
    form of what is to become the most profound and sacred cause, Reparation,
    and with respect for our Enslaved African Ancestors and in doing so,
    sisters will be demanding respect of our Hue - Man Rights, Justice ,
    independence and a demand for a just payment for the work already
    performed by our Enslaved African Ancestors.

    Sisters must so declare that payment must and will be paid in the form of
    Reparation, in respect of our Enslaved Mommy and Papa, victims of that
    devilish evil institution call Chattel Slavery. Such action by sisters will
    most certainly reflect sisters that are well defined.

    Also such will truly be a sign that sisters would have clearly and
    unmistakably defined sisters, most accurately and profoundly.

    Sisters, Sisters, the brazen queen that you are, you are the strength of my
    life, of whom shall I be Afraid, you are the guar dance of my soul, to whom
    I place my trust, though our enemies are all around us, never will we fail,
    because the oneness of our knowledge of ourselves, summon the forces of our
    primeval cosmic Black African Ancestors and through you my sisters, now
    defined, and have now so discovered yourselves to be the Queens and Princess
    that you are, now we will, together work to bring about the reunification of
    the Black African Nation.

    Yet, as I speak at this present Time, a true sister is very hard to find.
    Sisters defining sisters correctly, you bet, if the world is to survive.

    It Is Time To Condemn The Lie And Elevate The Truth

    Let Those Who Has The Knowledge Of Self, Understand What Has Just Been
    Revealed To You.

    Complete Love To The Black African Nation

    Hoteph ( God Is Please )

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    My brotha .... I find myself honored and speechless by this strong call for ALL of our sistas... It has warmed my heart to feel the sincerity and love behind these words and I thank you for this... truly... I do :grouphug:
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    Thank you for this call to action :teach:
    *standing ovation*

    Much Peace,
    Akilah :spinstar:
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    indeed da whispers from da truth and it's calling
    sister to sistas stand up ! deep tyte read and well felt
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    Oh, I definately feel the call. I'm answering as loudly as I can.
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    somewhere ova da rainbow....
    thank you for this call....i dont know what to say...
    your threads are deep and strong
    glad i can read you...Angel
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