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    Sisters At The River

    I drink from the rivers of wisdom, my sisters
    Gathered hand in hand, the light of
    Sister Harriet Tubman appeared,
    She said daughter join together hand and hand.
    There shall be the strength of the rock,
    That we may tighten the bridges.
    That our future shall walk across.

    The light that stood before thy sisters in love.
    The tears began to flow. The spirit
    reflects within thy sisters, and the spirit
    Was like a raging fire out of control.

    The spirit then said within a quiet voice.
    Your mission must be complete.
    I have carried the torch.
    My daughters you must now
    Complete the task, if not your roots shall die.

    Women warriors of the night, women in chains,
    shall be broke. War declared upon the Universe.
    Let the world scream.
    Thy sister is the jewel from thy God,
    man shall have no glory,
    upon the thieves of the Universe.
    I the black women sisterhood , l
    ink between the heavens and earth.
    Oh the black souls in which it stands.
    I no longer sing a victim song.
    The righteous and the conscious
    needs no validation,
    God has written it in the plan.

    What has been created through
    Gods hand shall stand.
    I come to you my sisters with the torch,
    Resurrection is now take your rightful place.
    I have planted the seed that the disk of illusions,
    that corrupts our
    children’s minds shall be deleted.
    Sisterhood stands as one.
    It takes a village to raise one child.

    Sisters must now take there rightful place,
    There shall be no excuses stand up and
    Let the light glow that thy sisters
    Shall cross.

    The crying mountains that stand tall,
    I rise in the name of women;
    I cry no victim song,
    My sister lean your back upon me,
    the rivers will open.
    As we carry the cross, walking the sea,
    As Jesus the love within thee,
    is the love within me.

    I exhale the universe upon my lungs,
    I wake the angels with the stroke of love,
    I cry for the universe to unite in love,
    I sing of the doves that fly upon mans head,
    I cry the resurrection of the giving heart,
    I rise to the stars with great love,
    I exhale the universe
    and the creatures of God,
    I multiply the children of Gods great love,
    I sit among the rocks as they sing rejoice,
    I lye upon the rivers, as they rise in Gods name.

    Sisters you must now rise, carry the torch
    What controls your mind
    Shall control your destiny,
    Let not our children dye in vain.

    Thou eyes will be the coming of the lord,
    Thy hands shall be the soil that makes great men,
    Thou strength shall be of the rock.

    The crying mountains that stand tall,
    I rise in the name of women; I cry no victim song,
    My sister lean your back upon me, the rivers will open.
    As we carry the cross, walking the sea,
    As Jesus the love within thee, is the love within me.

    Treason that is declared upon the creations of God most precious jewels creations within the womb.
    Prison that live within the captivity of Ego.
    The raping of Gods treasures
    the black women shall claim
    her thrown upon the universe,
    sisters stand as one.

    Together we stand divided we fall.
    I Stand upon the waters
    of the blood of the precious king.
    He shall be the light that
    women shall see, he shall be
    the feet women shall lead,
    he shall be the warrior where
    no man shall tarnish are separate,
    Sister hood stand before the rivers
    of Calvary.

    upon the mountain is the messiah
    which will lead us to the victory of our stool..
    What God has ordain my sisters
    that wear the blood shall not go under.

    I have returned to the solitude ,
    of the wilderness, the place of the beginning
    I cry no victim song .
    No longer shall I be the servant.
    The master has lost his key.
    Integrity roots of essentiality,
    Silencing concepts of tomorrow,
    Through the vessels of all words,
    Seductions of life and dreams,
    within the fears and doubts,
    depths of human conditions.

    Un Compromising attacks of the future,
    and the past, I reclaim my stool,
    visitors must leave. I Reclaim my rightful place.
    I the legacy of my fathers spiritual palace.
    I shall return and reclaim my rightful place.
    My arms are long, I carried the world
    on my back. I come with revenge.
    You are commanded, to leave my palace,
    I come with the army of thy God.

    I the mother of the Universe.
    Motherland inheritance from God.
    I the mist of tears.
    I sought the essences of peace.
    I turn me gracefully.
    Thunderous storms above thy feet.
    Thirsting upon the nights,
    thy blood run through thy motherlands.
    My children of the child like heart.
    Thy cry through the night,
    the thoughts that shivers,
    the summoned of calm.

    My children turn a deaf ear,
    to thy words and adapt the legacy,
    of the devil himself,
    the curse shall be broken,
    thy God shall return upon the earth.
    Oh the greed of the universe,
    has tarnish the emperor of its on self worth.
    Thy sing the words of thy ancestors,
    many who have came, thy daughters
    and sons denied they rightful place.

    I the ebony fragrance, scented with ancestral wisdom,
    I the tears of giving, I the women of wanted love,
    I the women of wanted dreams,
    I the women awaits that king to lead,
    I the women, the wanting of passionate thoughts,
    I the women waiting for the drums to appear,
    the drums of universe.
    The water falls that flows within,
    the temple of the warriors inner home.
    Peace that set forth wanted love.

    Sisterhood would like to introduce you to divine spirits.
    Drink from the waters of wisdom.
    Have you ever walked through the heavens?
    Have you ever sat upon the mountains,
    without ever leaving earth?
    Have you ever cried the joy,
    thanking the heavenly father for great love?
    Have the sweat from your body cried for rejoice,
    Have you climbed mountains,
    not wanting to return,
    Have you turned corners hoping ,
    that you would get lost ,
    in the mist of strength, mothers reclaim
    Your rightful place.
    I thy sisters drink from the fountain of love.
    We shall restore our place call home.
    There is no division we are one.:love:
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    wow!!! this was sweet
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    somewhere ova da rainbow....
    i second that..
    i was deep in this very nice work...