Black Poetry : Sisterly Love

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    Feb 13, 2003
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    I don't understand this bond called sisterly love.
    Sisterly, being the adjective of love is where
    my heart jumps twice.
    See, there used to be a time when love wasn't so sisterly,
    and I was backstabbing with knives
    that would kill a sister, even if she had nine lives.
    Backstabbing became a systematic pattern,
    and I became afflicted.
    Afflicted from believing the love of a man
    would electrify my hormones,
    make my heart think twice before moving on,
    and so on, and so on...the beat goes on.

    Well, it did all of this and more,
    but I was afflicted because I underestimated
    Sisterly Love.
    I thought that I didn't need a sister,
    auntie, cousin, grandma, or mamma
    because I was gone do my own thing...
    This is My Life...
    Don't mess with my switches, my radio, my b's.
    I don't curse, just please keep your hands off the above please.
    My switches is the speed and level at which I want to
    continue to ride this automobile called My Life.
    The radio is the background music and poetry
    to accompany my "happiness".
    And with a few sips of Alize and vodka, my men,
    whom I pimp and play, would become my b's.

    Well, this ride robbed two years of my life.
    My switches were at their highest level
    til' they began to over power my will.
    The music wasn't so Jazzy anymore
    as my head collided with the tiles of a green,
    burgundy, and grey.
    The tiles,because in my jogged memory
    do they stay and instant replay...
    over and over again...

    What has happened to my plan, my life,
    my ride, my music, and my b's,
    that pimped and played me
    for my virginity and childlike mentality?
    Were these men forced into poverty,
    afflicted with a burning sensation in their masculinity,
    or are they somewhere livin' dead?
    Probably's just a figment of my imagination
    because I forsook the love described as sisterly.
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    Feb 11, 2003
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    haha I know, or knew a few like this! Not too many tho!
    Though our stories ain't even close, I was the one gettin'
    stabbed in the back, while if I had something to say I'd
    just say it to the person I had beef with instead of
    trying to be on the sneak tip about it. I can feel ya.
    I'm glad you at least learned that it only messes you up
    in the end when you be throwin' salt on people's game.
    Doin' their best to look or appear good while at the same
    time tryin' to mess someone else up.
    All you can do is try and be as far away from them as you can
    and trust that it is fully in God's hands.
    Sounds like you be trying to take the high road now.
    Growth is good no matter where you start from.
    Sad thing is some never learn.
    Peace and love to ya, sis.
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    very open .......statement well felt here keep teaching !