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Jan 20, 2015
I cut mine every summer, right above my butt. I always have to fight everybody, because no one wants me to cut them. When I went to see Bunny Wailer perform, I was amazed... his dreads were down to his knees. I have been dreaded for 23 years. I m sure mine would be at least that long if I never cut them, but they would drive me crazy.

I started palm roll. That is my preference. But for about a year and a half, we moved back to Cali.... because my aunt is a certified sister lock consultant, and she did my hair for free, I let her do her thing during that time. Then I went back to the palm roll. I believe there is something about the journey. And, there is something amazing about the natural spiraling of our hair and how it mimics nature.

During the summer I would cut my locs just below my shoulders, in a bob-longer in the back, long enough for a pony tail. The heat was just to much for me. I didn't cut this summer. When they're shorter I can get the styles I like.
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Aug 28, 2015
Black women's hair is magical.
According to the theory BM have "magical" hair, too. Yu know who I thought about the first time I read about this? Don King. Have you ever read/heard about why he wears his hair that way?
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