Black Women : Sister Warrior Cynthia McKinney; regarding 9/11

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    There were people who failed to act on the warning. Andthat's what ought to be investigated.

    But instead of requesting that Congress investigate what went wrong and why, we had president Bush (painful for me to say that,but) we had president Bush placing a call to Majority Leader SenatorTom Daschle asking him NOT to investigate the events of September 11,

    And then, hot on the heels of the president's phone call was another phone call from the vice president asking that Tom Daschle also not investigatethe events that lead to September 11.

    My question is, What do they have to hide?

    And why is it that the American people are being asked to make tremendous sacrifices now in our civil liberties?

    And the fact that we got this request for an unprecedented hike in -- the hike alone of 48.1 billion dollars is more than any one of our allies spend total on their defense. And then the other issuet hat saddens me is the fact that the former President, president Bush'sdaddy, sits on the board of the Carlyle Group. And so we get this presidency,of questionable legitimacy, requesting a nearly unprecedented amountof money to go into a defense budget for defense spending that will directlybenefit his father.
    Where is the … where are the brakes on transparency and corruption that I see happening as a result of the fact that the president's father stands to make money off of the very requests that the president has made, on what I would call a specious argument saying that we need to increase defense spending because of Sept 11,

    when we now know that there were enough warnings that we didn't have to even experience September 11 at all

    ; at least that's the way it is now beginning to appear.
    BERNSTEIN: How would Poppy Bush make money on this budget?How would the father make money on this budget?
    MCKINNEY: The father sits on the board of an organizationcalled the Carlyle Group. Now when we had Frank Carlucci come to testifyat the House International Relations Committee shortly after GeorgeW was sworn in…
    BERNSTEIN: former Defense Secretary
    MCKINNEY: former Defense Secretary -- and we have a requirementthat organizations that come before our committee, the House InternationalRelations Committee, have to disclose Federal contracts. And so Irequested of our chairman, Chairman Hyde, whether or not the Carlyle Groupwould be subjected to that requirement, since everyone else has to do it.And of course the Carlyle Group was not required to make any disclosureas to the Federal contracts that it had. That in itself means that they are skirting the rules of the House.
    Not withstanding that, the fact that the father sits on the board of the Carlyle Group, which is one ofthe highest level defense contractors in the country. I think they're number11 or 12 in defense contracts. And they have at least one program, the Crusader, which hasn't… it doesn't work, it's a weapons system that doesn'twork, has experienced tremendous cost overruns, and yet it continues tobe funded, and we can only think that it's the heavy hand of verywell-placed lobbyists that make sure that weapons systems that are goingto… that have a connection with