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Jan 22, 2001
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I think something has happened to parts of the replies on some of the threads.
Like on the thread Love? I replied to Ball of Confusion twice or three times and it only shows one. In the thread Black Occult power there was a discussion that I was reading about Haiti, etc.... and I posted a reply. I went out, came home and can't fiind any of it. Did I post something inappropriate for it to be flagged? Or is there a technical issue? Just wondering Thanx everyone

Peace and Blessings Sister,

I received your email and want to assure you that we (Administrators / Moderators) don't generally delete posts. I'm confident in saying, that this isn't what has happened, yet i'm not sure what did happen. It is possible that an Administrator / Moderator deleted your post, and if so, i'm sure they'll let us know.

We've not had any technical difficulties (of this type) recently, so i can't blame it on that.

Are you still having this problem Sister? Did you ever find your missing posts?

It always helps to give us a link to the thread, where you put your post. Sometimes there are just glitches in the matrix, when things don't go as they should.

I hope you don't mind me responding here in the open forum. It's so much more efficient and effective to post on the forums, as others may be experiencing the same, and can benefit from the response or add more information to the situation.

Again, please let me know if you found your missing posts.

If an Administrator or Moderator deleted your posts, they'll let us know.

If you have more questions, we're right here.

Much Love and Peace.


phynxofkmt said:
I'm so sorry, I should have emailed you back when they re-appeared. I think it was a browser issue on my part. Ugh I'm so sorry to bother you sister Destee.

Sister, there is no need to apologize. We want to help if you need it, so don't hesitate asking about any and every thing!

I would like to suggest that in the future, it's probably better if you post a thread here in the forum, rather than emailing. Posting will get you a quicker response, as many here may have the answer or at least be able to point you in the right direction.

I'm glad you found your posts! That's what is most important! :love:

Much Love and Peace.




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