Poetry Critiques : SISTER, I SEE...


Jul 7, 2002
:blowkiss: Sister, I See…

Sister, I see your struggles,
I see your inner strengths;
I see the strain
Of the love lost,
And the heartfelt pain.
I see your need to be a voice heard;
Your good deed as you feed,
A lost and hungry bird.
I see the processes of your mind,
Your creative and unique imagination;
I see your need to find
A brother who will show his deep appreciation.
I see your dream of everlasting joy;
Your desire for a “real” man,
Not an immature little “boy”.

Sister, I see things about you,
That you wouldn’t even believe;
I see those who continue to doubt you,
Although you know you can achieve.
I see your grace and soulful style,
Your tender sweetness and electric smile.
I see the intense and passionate love you want to make.
I see your need for a comforting massage,
When your overworked and tired body aches.
I see your soft and sensual kisses—
Your daytime thoughts and nighttime wishes.

Sister, I see your days and nights sitting all alone,
Waiting impatiently by the telephone.
I see “Mr. Right Now” waltz in and out of your life;
I see your dream of being a lawful-wedded wife.
I see your need for unbridled passion and romance;
For a candlelight dinner,
Followed by an erotic slow dance.
I see your smiles and tears,
The way you hide your fears,
And your enthusiastic cheers,
As your happiness finally nears.

Sister, I see your sincerity, sympathy,
And Motherly Love;
I see the many prayers you’ve sent to the Man Up Above.

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Hi Brother @Orisons ... good to see you in the house, stay safe always please :heart:
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Hi Sister!!!! :wave: :wave: :wave: So good to see you! Thanks for coming home! YAAAAAY! :yaay: Much Love and Peace! :love:
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