Black Poetry : Sister I See You...

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    I see her in stalking the middle of the street
    As she stumbles and trips, just seems off beat
    By her appearance she’s on the hunt for the next treat
    Her skin looks dry as wheat
    And there’s no soles on her feet
    Only this addiction can have you out in this heat
    Selling herself like a piece of meat
    Allowing strangers for change to on her face skeet
    This addiction has her looking beyond petite
    She prefers the addiction over something to eat
    I bet it’s a mental battle that ends in defeat
    Something on her own, she just can’t beat
    Without the addiction she feels incomplete
    Yet we act like we don’t see her, like pressing delete
    I’m sure at one point she had it al together and real sweet
    The kind of girl that use to dressed real neat
    The kind of Lady where a man would offer her seat
    She held her head up high cause she was of the elite
    Her foundation was set in concrete
    Then In came this cat named Pete
    And every time he seen her he was sure to greet
    Pete was a sweet talker and convinced her to cheat
    Soon thereafter it was her he began to mistreat
    And pretty soon her good qualities began to deplete
    And Pete was consistent and kept hitting repeat
    Until there was nowhere for her to go.. nowhere to retreat
    Before she knew it, he had her working the back street
    Dark alleys, nasty rooms and backseats
    It didn’t matter, no place was indiscreet
    No location was obsolete
    All of this from one hit off that Trick or Treat.

    Sad cause that could be somebody’s mother
    Some lost sister who could really use her brother
    But we all family but we treat her like some other
    Like her problems belong to another
    What would you do if that was once your lover
    Me.. I pray that the Lord would just cover
    I pray that with his love and grace he would smother
    My I would tell her no matter where she’s been the Lord still loves her
    There help for her if she just want to discover
    I’d tell her that the real you is waiting to be rediscovered
    That she does not have to continue to suffer
    Never in Gods word does he ever stutter
    His word is there for you and in you life he can add color
    His word is good and don’t bounce like rubber
    He can pull you from under
    Believe in Him and you never have to wonder
    Cause its sad, cause that could be someone’s mother
    Someone’s lost sister who could really use her brother
    For sure she someone daughter
    We are the only culture that don’t look out for each other.