Sister's Only Chat : Sister Chat recap for 3/26/07

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    Just a brief summary of last night's chat. Thank you sisters, for participating and bonding!

    1. Thinking about the sister friends you have had, what is it that caused you to become friends? How do you maintain that friendship?
    Some of us have had childhood friendships maintained into adulthood by staying in touch regardless of the miles. As children if we were seen as somehow being different, finding a friend was more than a notion, and as adults finding a true friend can be a challenge. The law of attraction was mentioned and the necessity of drawing to us, those who are complementary. A comment was made that sometimes being a friend can mean saying things that a sister may not want to hear, but needs to hear. But in the end, when we find that special sister friend, her worth is immeasurable.

    2. Of course we love our brothers. But, what are the unique gifts that another sister can bring to your life?
    Brothers can relate to what we go through, and appreciate the depths of what we experience. But a sister has actually experienced some of those same depths. Sisters tend to be more expressive, more open to sharing, and more nurturing. There's nothing like the support of another sister.

    3. Those who have participated in Sister Chat have piqued my interest in some way. So I will have some questions for you, that you'll have to come to chat to find out. had to have been there to truly appreciate the answers. I thank the sisters who were so open with their responses. Our sisters are very interesting and have a wealth of knowledge to share.

    4. Looking ahead, in addition to our weekly chats, would you like to join together in any other endeavors?
    There was a situation that needed our immediate attention in chat, so once again we didn't discuss this question. But I do believe our sisters would be interested.

    5. What chat topics would you like to discuss in the future?
    Through conversing with the sisters, I discovered that river and queentswana are interested in presenting topics in the near future. Sister river will present information concerning cochlear implants, and queentswana will inform us about juicing. We look forward to hearing from both of these sisters. :)