Sister's Only Chat : Sister Chat Recap 4/23/07

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    What a time we had last night! :jumping: Queentswana briefly talked about the importance of juicing, or using raw foods to make juice. She said that juicing cleanses and rejuvenates your system, and that you can start by using your favorite fruit or vegetable. Eventually, it will become a healthy habit. Another sister present mentioned that she has juiced in the past, and made mention of the nutrients juicing provides to the body. :teach: Please take a moment to check out this website by the BASTIS foundation, , as it has very useful information about juicing.

    And then, our chat sort of made a turn... One of the sisters began to sing. That's right, sing, and had quite a nice voice, I might add. I'm not gonna say who, though... :zipit: We think she had someone else sing on the mic as well, but we're not certain of that. :wink: That led to a couple of other sisters coming to the mic and singing. :band: Gee, I didn't see that coming, either. One sister in particular, has a very soothing voice, and sang songs that were quite inspirational. :angel1: She even sat a special buddy in front of the cam, lol. :) We all kicked back, enjoyed each other's company, and had a ball ya'll.

    To all those sisters who attended, and those who participated, :thanks:It was a blast!