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    Topic: Our Hair

    Greetings Sisters! :hi:

    This week's Sister Chat topic is Our Hair. I know that all of us has a story to tell regarding it. I'd like us to be able to openly discuss this, free from judgment regarding how we choose to wear our hair. :) Thanks to Destee, there is an entire forum regarding Our Hair in the Black Hair/Natural Hair Forum, . I have read some of the threads, and intend to read some more this weekend. Such a wealth of information and great discussions there. :teach: And here's a link to a website for a book entitled It's All Good Hair, . The author talks about her experiences in learning to style her daughter's hair; what I read was presented in a very positive manner.
    Some questions to consider before chat:

    1. Do you think that our hair is beautiful in it's natural state?
    2. What are some of the things you were told about your hair by your family when you were growing up?
    3. How do you wear your hair? Natural? Permed? Pressed? Do you have braids, curls, spirals, locs, twists?
    4. Is the manner in which you wear your hair now, the same as in your youth? In other words, if it's permed now, has it been that way since you were a child? If it's natural now, have you always worn it that way?
    5. Have you ever worn your hair in a way to please someone else? Friends or family? A man, be it your significant other, or a possible future significant other? Society?

    Let's discuss and bond ladies. Hope to see you there!
    Sister Chat
    Monday, April 9, 2007
    8PM to 10PM
    Topic: Our Hair