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    betwixt and between
    Sister LibertyLady ... i love you ... :love: ... you know that, right?

    I am not going to let anyone mistreat you ... you know that too, right?

    For those of you that don't know, please know, i love Sister LibertyLady.

    Yes, i love you all ... but i ESPECIALLY love Sister LibertyLady ... :love:

    I Love Her.

    She is not in the US. I don't believe english is her first language.

    She requires your patience, in understanding her.

    She does not share the same experience, as most of us do.

    She is so very loving and kind. She NEVER means any harm.

    She is inquisitive and bubbly ... :love:

    She has such a Sweet Sweet Spirit.

    She is our Sister.

    I Love Her.

    No one can do anything that looks like mistreatment of her.

    She is delicate. She requires special handling. As all of our Sisters do.

    I am asking the entire Family ... to consider all things ... and embrace our Sister properly.

    Sister LibertyLady ... i love you ... :love:

    In addition to all of the above.

    Sister LibertyLady is our first INTERNATIONAL PREMIUM MEMBER.

    Now that might not seem like much to any of you.

    But it means the world to me.

    She is evidence that God and Our Ancestors are pleased with this effort.

    We are blessed.

    Here we have a Sister, that lives in an entirely different country (Holland), willing to help financially support and keep this community alive. Sisters and Brothers are coming from around the world, and we all live right here in this community, together. Sister LibertyLady wasn't willing in the normal sense of willling, to become a Premium Member. She had to press her way, in order to help. She asked me several times, how could she send the money. When one way didn't work, she tried another.

    We have many Members right here in the US, that are not willing to help.

    For all of the reasons above, and more, i will not let anyone mistreat Sister LibertyLady.

    I love you Sister LibertyLady ... and don't you ever talk of leaving here again! :love:

    For those that want to give our Sister some Love ... feel free in this thread.


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    The Meek !Shall! Inherit the Earth.
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    yeah!! what she said!

    it's a toss up as to which Sister, or even, Member, has the Most Heart in this fine house! But Sister AuroraFlower is right on there at the top. there is just so much feeling in everything she says. Open your Hearts, you can't help but hear her loud and clear!! plainer than the best oxford graduate!! and that's some english that most of us would have problems with!

    For You, Sister AuroraFlower:

    :hearts1: :flowers: :hearts1: :flowers: :hearts1: :flowers: :hearts1: :flowers: :hearts1: :flowers: :hearts1:
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    Much love to Auroraflower, always kind and pure hearted. It's nice to hear such positivity in a time where things aren't so well. :hearts1:
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    Sista AuroraFlower's kindness comes through as clear as a bell in her posts. And her determination to support this community is wonderful to hear.

    I want to mention the word SUPPORT again here because IMO that’s the key ingredient we need between and among Black folks. That is what keeps people together and keeps them strong and loving of each other. That is what makes people valuable to each other. If we truly SUPPORTED each other, nothing that others could do would keep us down. No matter what people are going through, it’s so much easier if they have support.

    I run into so many Black people who talk about the lack of support they get from other Black people. That bothers me.
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    You know I love your heart and spirit........your positive energy! Without ppl liek you the world would be a cruel place.. :heart: love you sis!
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    Da' Gump
    Sweet Sister Auroralflower


    Don't ever let anyone silence or discourage your message
    of hope and love, and PLEASE don't ever stop being
    YOU. I along with many others here at Destee appreciate
    and love you so much !!!


    Endless Zubberts,
    Akilah :kiss1:

    *Reposted from another thread*
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    those are loving words:heart:
    wich are warming my heart...
    and i ambrace them.....
    always with an open heart :love:

    i want to hug you sisters and zibbers:heart:...

    I Love you to Destee :heart: i love everyone here except for the evil.....
    wich can visit anyone ...

    that warms my heart destee for you show to tell the people a little bit from where i am comming from :luv:
    Now i am not mistakeless ...
    I hope if evil visits me ,that you have all enough love to correct me...
    cause ,if no one will it is time to leave this place cause means that i dont or wont grow to

    I would like to say sumthing and hopfully speak to you all...
    in chat ...
    I,m going to try it later..

    I have not come a moment that i could share my experiances :couple: ...
    about being underpressed..
    Some people dont even know that we have ""'black "'people here in holland ..
    that our forfathers have experianced slavery to...exz .......
    Now i dont live in the states so i dont have the 100% same experiances as you....but i do know about racism and about being underpressed...

    even if it appears that it isnt the same thing we have experianced..
    i still love you and it is my duty to speak words that would make you to move forward.......(wich is not always easy believe me )
    in every kind of way.....
    in other words love you...

    I love you ..i dont want to leave..
    i hold you close in my heart ....(maybe to much somthimes )
    I only would leave if You would send me to leave...
    or when i wouldnt have the freedom to speak ...
    or when i am leave..
    and i would have to leave for my safety.......

    and so they cutt of my internet now.....
    i dont know what happend ...
    but it happend suddenly when i was on destee...

    yep ..

    and i paid normaly...
    so i am going to ask around with my houselord...
    and you know maybe its an action of the lord ..
    maybe not .......
    i always try to learn from things.....
    The reason why i say this now....
    is because i want you to know that i wasnt planning leaving (unless for the reasons i wrote earlyer)..
    (maybe just for a while to breath and to see things over read to work on other things)but now ""they"" aint making it easy for me to stay...
    evil forces..

    I,m also planning to replace the fasting day
    for more preparation......

    because it is sumthing that we need to do together maybe its an option to do it at the Family reunion......
    only lovelygolden one and harvest moon...responded after setting the date..
    maybe they have not visit the site yet so they coulndt respond...
    but we also need members to pray for that day to back the Fasting members up......
    because it can be sumthing powerfull......

    i also have to know first if they have fasted already before...
    and i do want to know if there is someone with them that day...
    and know that they take full responsibillyty...
    that we do this together you know...
    not that i hear later......
    ""i fainted and its youre fault...""you know lol

    Like i said the fasting is an act of love ...
    For the members who are struggeling ..
    or having problems or dealing with deep things...
    who are not moving forward..
    who are ill...
    who having troubling with standing in life..
    being not happy..
    not having a job......

    Now things ont only change by praying or fasting...
    LOrd also says we have to work...and share wisdom (that makes you move forward)...

    but by praying and fasting you can make an opening...(we do this in church to)
    Tight up the negative ...
    forces and demons....some are small some ar big...
    and everyone can have them..

    (maybe who knows i have a little ...negative demon of pain who is causing me to have this pain in my left side)

    as for myself i have to be spirritually strong to...
    and i was a liitle heartbroke because of the misunderstanding..
    wich is sumthing i have to work on to...
    other wise people can beat you down like that...
    and i also believe that that is not how the lord wants me to be..
    he wants to make me stronger.....

    i am in an internetcafe now and there i can get into chat..
    i could not come into chat with my own laptob..
    so i hopefully can speak with you in chat later...(i hope i mist you in chat to)
    if not maybe anothertime with the will of god...

    mmmm big hug to all fam :heart:

    remember god is Mighty... :jumping:

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    Gary, IN
    I have always treated Aurora with nothing but love and respect as I do everyone in here. I have tried to be gentle in helping her to translate because I do understand she is from a different country. I love my sister and destee you have no problems with me.:hearts2: :wave:

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    Hey know I love you dearly. When are you coming back on cam and bless us with your beautiful voice and playin your guitar???? Be sure to let me know... I don't wanna miss ya.

    Much Love, Sista Sonnee:hearts4:
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    Right on Sister AuroraFlower. We miss ya in chat. So talented;)

    Much Love sis.