Black Poetry : Sipping On White Powder Laced With Death


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Jan 15, 2003
Brooklyn N. Y.
Sipping On White Powder
Laced With Death
By Jacqueline Amos

Emotional extremist,
pressures placed upon creations,
Castration of the battlefield within,
Crying out to be freed.
Shouting out for the inner peace.
Can you hear the bellowing sounds?
In hope of surrender.

The celestial processes of elimination.
City beyond the streets of he beast.
Absent for the soul,
Destruction darkness that lives within,
I brought it back, Tribulations.
Vessels of the living curse.

Keep your eyes on the mental,
The world is revolving, hold on the sounds,
The universe whispers, grab on to the mental.
Genocide knocks at my door.

Climbing the mountains, monkey on my back.
Genocide entrapment, moving into context.
Dimensional experience, it sounds like crack.

Screaming in unison, genocide on my back.
Who is the oxymoron? Which portrayal is back?
Self-defeating horrors. Acquainted with darkness,
Spiritual war fairs, that ride my back,
The battle within. Recovery,
the dead portrayed by man,
the white lance lined with death.
The soul of the drunk.
Let me dye, I am already dead,
Legacy the living dead,
sipping on white powder, laced with death.

Snowflakes that surround my face,
mental genocide, toxins, poisons,
the kiss of death, I am already dead,
sipping on white powder, laced with death.

Copywriters 2002 Jacqueline Amos:confused:
Hello ASHANTA ... This is a really nice peace, thank you for sharing it.

Please don't take offense to what I'm about to say, but if you have 9 peaces (which you currently have) on the main page of the poetry forum ... you're posting too many peaces without letting enough time go by between them.

We don't have a limit to the number of peaces you may post, as such, but when one poet posts many of their own at one time ... it denies the other poets "front page status." Since the poetry moves so quickly to the "back pages," we want to be considerate of everyone ... allowing a peace or two of ours to share the page with a peace or two from every other poet. We only have 40 spaces (if that) on the main poetry page ... making it "prime poetry real estate." Everyone wants to be featured on it as long as possible. This applies to the Quiet Poetry Lounge also.

While I'm bringing things to your attention, please post all poetry in the poetry forums and not the discussion forums.

Please don't take offense. We love having you here! You give lots of love and write beautiful poetry, the exact kind of spirit we welcome. You may want to peek at the Poetry Etiquette thread as it speaks to this topic.

Again, thanks so much for being here and feeling comfortable enough to share your work with us.




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